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  1. Many thanks you have been really helpful.
  2. Thank you everyone for this information, I have a good starting point now to take it forward. my goal is to discover more about this great aunt I never knew about. It's a bit of a 'who do you think you are' going off in me! My dad (samuel) never spoke of his family so lots of stuff is unknown. I think the sound of Locks will be the one, she never married but might have had a gentleman friend working with her as it has been mentioned it was run by an elderly couple. Thank you again everyone for you time and input.
  3. Thanks blondie for information. Anyone shop there ?
  4. Correction to name. It's may Holmes not barnett.
  5. Thank you so much for this information, samuel and annie were my grandparents and their son samuel was my dad (died 2012) Dennis his brother also deceased There was a sister beryl and another son george to samuel and annie. The reason I'm making enquiries is because I have been contacted by a heir hunter company who are researching this woman called May holmes who was apparently annies sister! I had no idea she existed but have been told she owned a shop in hucknall! The plot deepens!!!
  6. Yes her name was may Holmes, she died in 2012 at the age of 98 and never married but owned a shop opposite the byron area. Her sister was annie who married samuel and lived in hucknall all her life. Any info on her or the shop would be great thanks
  7. Very possibly, I will have to check with my brother.
  8. I correct myself. May's name was not barnett. Her sisters married name was annie barnett.
  9. Wonder if anyone can help me please? I recently discovered that I had a great aunt who owned a shop in hucknall opposite the byron cinema. I'm trying to trace more about her business which I understand was either a hardware store or haberdashery. I know she died April 2012 at the age of 98 and her name is May Barnett. If anyone has any information on this shop or her then I would be very interested to hear from you. Many thanks.
  10. Oooer! seems I have sparked something off here! I vow never to use rat poison on the cats, promise, and will stick to the opening the back door and shouting gerroff. If they stare me out then I will chase them up the garden! phew! (the poison sounded easier) NO don't mean that. Oh well at least I will get fit doing it.
  11. Well we get frogs etc but I am fed up with cats! They just wander over the fence whenever they like, do their mess and then stroll back! I don't like cats and have tried all sorts of methods to rid them from my garden! Any suggestions?
  12. On the other hand, for those people who work in the city centre the trams are quick and convenient and mostly reliable. also every ten minutes or so where as if I miss my bus to Arnold I have to wait at least half an hour sometimes more, and at the end of a long day at work I just want to get home asap. So I would welcome the trams coming my way but don't know if there are any plans to.
  13. My old man's a dustman by Lonnie Donnigan! Except he was a milkman working for the co op dairy!
  14. I'm told by my hubby (who needs to register here!) that he played Much the Miller's son in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. How about that for a local connection?