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  1. ø¤°`°¤ø,¸_¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸_¸,ø ø¤°`°¤ø,¸_¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸_¸,ø and this time it's bips.. birthdays come but once a year and now it's time for yours so don't just sit around all day get up and change your drawers. cos it's partytime! seeing as it's your birthday mate, have a virtual glass of lemonade on me, and enjoy! ø¤°`°¤ø,¸_¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸_¸,ø ø¤°`°¤ø,¸_¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸_¸,ø
  2. Same here, reading through the errors, it appears it's a problem with those who operate the server, nothing to do with the board settings.
  3. happens many times being on NTL.. a quick change of server usually sorts the prob.
  4. it's all to do with jumpers.. simply undo the casing on the side of the pc, then taking said jumper, stuff it neatly inside, taking care not to damage small electronic components or foul items intended for cooling.. once satisfied with the jumpers location, replace the side casing and power on the pc.. although this might not solve the problem of which you originally intended, it does have the benefit of making the whole system run much smoother and quieter thus enabling you to take a nap, whereby when you awake you will feel much more relaxed and at ease with the world.
  5. That being the case then ayup, I'm wondering whether the fault lies somewhere on the server from which Nottstalgia is accessed... the board settings seem ok and no ip numbers are banned other than some dodgy russian sites starting with 999.x.x.x .. maybe one for Mick to sort out when he gets back off his hols.
  6. Caz informs us that whenever an attempt is made to connect to this site all she receives is an error in the form of WINDOWS\system32\shdodc.dll/dnserror.htm a Google on this malady comes back with a range of possibilities of what could be the cause, ranging from settings within the router, problems with the isp, or adware / malware that has infiltrated the system.. bearing in mind she is able to to surf the net normally to all other internet sites, it's a good bet somewhere along the line her system has become infected, and other than it being sorted with a good adware / spyware / virus cl
  7. It's possible that the problem is with their isp .. there has been instances in the past whereby it's been impossible to connect to this site via NTL nottingham, but routing through another proxy has sorted the problem. currently I use which at this moment in time is whisking along, but can change at any time and frequently does.. but then it's just a matter of selecting another.. List of NTL servers depending on which isp they use, there will be alternate proxies, even free ones which they can find by doing a Google, then it's just a matter of copy/pas
  8. An update by a friends uncle who can remember the baths, says they were located between the suspension bridge and the halfpenny bridge, which would have placed them roughly where the paddling pool and swings are today. perhaps once an area devoted to all manner of recreation?
  9. That be about the same time as me Frank, left school on the friday, come Monday morning there they were brand new pair of brown Corduroys neatly folded at the bottom of me bed ready and waiting to be donned for my first day at the work face, arrrrr Nottstalgia......... !rotfl! I remember when mummy got me my first pair of long trousers, it seemed so strange being dressed the same as daddy, it became even more unusual when she made me wear a cap and got me a job down at the local pit... I wouldn't have minded, but being only five at the time, I could never get used to that awful tasting
  10. google comes back as it being flood lock cottage, but with very little more info..
  11. I still can't free the easter bunny from the evil elves in 'Toyshop Rescue', plus only having a 386 with 32 mb of ram, games tend to run a little slow... one of these days I'm going to get me a fancy 486 with a 64 ram, complete with five meg harddrive, then we'll see how fast those elves can move when they get a 20dpi cursor on their tail.
  12. hi our gert... maybe a solution to problem No.3 .. then again maybe not.. nevertheless worth a try. with regard to Doom 3 it's quite possible with the newer sofware forever pushing the boundaries of the pc, your video card may not be powerful enough to run the game.. depending on type of video card, either Nvidia, ATI or other, you could try and update the drivers from the website that supports your card and see if this fixes the problem... plus try downloading the latest version of directx, this too might work, if neither work, you may need a more powerful card. the latest directx: h
  13. correct Caz.. john's children with Marc Bolan, prior to Trex. the original glam rocker.. I remember the stackers, and the flares, not forgetting the the corkscrew hair (for some) still got all the old vinyl stacked in the bottom cupboard, along with Slade, Roxy Music, Sweet etc. . come in handy for the grandkids when they get short of frisbee's!
  14. Yes, it's the King of the rumbling spires .. but the group isn't t Trex! an early picture of the king is shown below.
  15. so who's the megastar then? sock it to em angi!
  16. If you do a Google on 'film set fires' you'll find it surprising we have any industry left.... and whilst you mention Charlie Drake, I read somewhere he's still in demand for voice overs.... I remember him from years ago when he appeared alongside Henry Mcgee in 'The Worker' poor old Roy died whilst on location for The Return of the Musketeers (89) where he suffered a fatal fall from his horse.
  17. Archie Duncan played Little John in Robin Hood.. (Excluding episodes 11 - 21 inclusive) Archie was born on the 26th May 1914 in Glasgow. He died in London on the 24th July 1979. Archie was replaced for eleven episodes of season one by Rufus Cruickshank following an accident on set where a heavy piece of scenery was about to fall on some children, Archie pushed the children out of the way. The set then fell on him and broke his leg. He received a medal for his good deed. I wouldn't have know any of this, but did a Google after your giveaway clue.. surprising how many films he had
  18. I smell a sweaty scalp, probably caused through the prolonged wearing of a certain item of headwear that is normally associated with a carriage, other than one which is normally propelled by a horse!
  19. Exactly rob.. plus, to introduce oneself on a forum with the intention of fiscal remuneration isn't the best method by which to attract friendly debate, and as sure as hell will never promote one's product.... my guess he's new to the scene, after being told the internet being full of gullible punters would guarantee him masses of extra dosh! by the mention of 'a blatant plug' in his intial topic, he thought would absolve him from adverse criticism , but to his chagrin has sadly found it not to be the case, and is now targetting petty abuse towards various forum members due to the
  20. Yes, but unlike the tobacco ad campaign, this one is successful in what it sets out to achieve, inasmuch, now thanks to this amazing newfound technique, thousands of men can once more can hold their head up high and walk with pride... albeit it does leave them with a slight facial twitch... but at the end of the day, is such small price to pay for a wonderful new lease of life.
  21. Yessereebob.. indeed it is them .. now over to you...(and please, no Swinging Blue Pants, or the Cymru Male voice choir!}