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  1. Hi Caz.. Just noticed your reference to Ryehill terrace.. I too lived on there with my grandparents the Hodsons during the mid 50s to early 60s at number 11 which was situated next to the entry leading through onto Arkwright street. names I remember are Barry Straw, John Hawley, Mrs. Walker, Mrs.Upex, Michael Betts? ..and was it Phil Hall who had the fruiter business ? Saturdays was always chocka with cars parking up for the Notts County match, and we only had to linger a few moments before we were given a tanner or a bob for looking after the owners motors.. as if we cared! .. it was straight round to Tophams paper shop just around the corner on Arkwr.street for choc and pop galore! Bobby Topham was an aquaintance at the time, we would regularly watch tv at his house on their massive 17" tv. what a treat that was, as tellies were a bit thin on the ground in those days.. and did anyone ever penetrate the defences of the almshouses stockade? if ever you had occasion to retreive a ball or whatever from the grounds you were always treated to a tirade of abuse from the residents, who would smartly trounce you from their midst! NO HAWKERS, BEGGERS, OR DOGS ! was the welcome on their gate.. strange how dogs could read in those days! BTW. The Greyhound pub is now 'The Globe'. ilko..
  2. I wanna be a rappa star wiv droop ass strides an cap wiv gold chain an a pendant, an talk a load of crap so listen up yo son o' bitches, I already got the name licky sweet shite doggy dog, that be mah claim to fame. fink ahl move dahn meddaz way, an' maybe write a ditty. bout lootin an a shootin, It gonna sound real pretty think ahl call it 'killah rap' my talent knows no bounds yo lucky folk be spoilt, when yo hear mah killah sounds An when I make it very big, am movin' to L A where a lootin and a shootin, aint no big deal any way an when yo see me on tv. yall know i am da best as ah stand on stage a rappin, just like the dumb ass rest licky sweet s.
  3. Yes a fine ditty if I may say! .. there's also the compilation album 'your ten best murder raps 2004'. these are the tracks: 1. Stabbin' the night away 2. shoot rattle 'n' roll 3. have ya got a knife boy 4. gimee gimee good stabbin' everyday 5. you saw me dyin' in the chapel 6. waddaya wanna shoot dem holes in me for? 7. whole lotta blood 8. I can't stop stabbin' you 9. knife of my life I love you 10. don't stab so close to me I tried to get it in Woolworths, but they'd sold out .. I ended up coming out with 'these you have loved' featuring the Swingle Singers! ilko..
  4. Ta very much! - I'll be bidding on that.. ilko.
  5. They did a similar type of thing at Alton towers, whereby you entered a dome like construction and the film completely wrapped around you, even above your head. I remember ducking when I was about to be trampled by a circus elephant. the American Aventure also had some sort of display whereby you were flying in an aircraft or riding a rollercoaster etc. the effect was very realistic as your stomach churned at every swoop and dive. shame they never converted 'Saturday night and Sunday morning' the film shot in and around Nottingham. it would have been nice to jump off a trolleybus again as it sped down Derby road, or to visit the old goose fair as it was back in the 60s etc. apparently this film is now available on DVD - I'll have to do a source! ilko..
  6. The Forest recreation ground was regular host for the big top. I remember sitting way up at the back looking down on the acts, all exciting stuff! its nice that animals are no longer being used, but I wonder if it will still be as popular without ? .. wouldn't say so myself! besides ... it all seemed to go downhill after Burt Lancaster perfected that long awaited 'triple' ! :D ilko..
  7. Anyone heard of Radford Folly?
  8. after passing the driving test in 66, my first car was a Ford Pop situp'n'beg that cost the tidy sum of £20 .. with its side valve engine and three gears, speeds of up to 50 mph could easily be achieved, and all this with leather seating, and room for four .. man! you knew you'd arrived with this baby! B) Skegness may have been a little bit too ambitious for it, but runs to Trent bridge, and Wollaton park were often taken without any hitch! I remember it being a pig to start in the mornings, often having to resort to the starting handle, but other than that it was ok! was later to be replaced by a Austin Westminster A90.. What was your first?
  9. There's a mention in Daphne's post of a Trickets.. now thats going back some years.. seem to remember them being on Radford road opposite Kirkstead street, a big rag-n-bone type of place, would be interesting to know what happened to them.. anybody got any info ? re the army coats.. can't remember an army surplus on Arki street, whereabouts were they located? Nidd & Horseborough used to sell some snazzy clothing at the time, they were situated across the road from Atlas street, flares, jackets, shirts, they had it all. and if they didn't stock what you were looking for it was off up to Hockley, you could always find summat or other up there! ilko..
  10. Lets cop this sucker! - he might feed us!
  11. This is how it looks nowadays since Tom's left the scene. apparently its the 'Nottingham Princess' that now stops off here. available for hire for that special occasion! corporate events, weddings, college trips.. fully stocked bar, dance floor, etc.. sounds great! - I'll have to start saving up!
  12. How many sessions would it take to get all the craft through the locks? with the amount of rowboats etc. Tom had, I would imagine there would have been several fill-up sessions ... this may explain why at times the water level in the cut was very low ? ... had we experienced a 'Drain By' courtesy of old Tom T. ? yam got a cool dancer there dude !
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  14. County hall, The cricket ground, and remains of the old Trent Bridge, are all this side of the river! how did it get its name 'bread and lard island' ? did they really take their sandwiches to work in violin cases ? .
  15. I've been trying to upload avatar .. still not working! also can't see any reference to attach a file anywhere in the options on the compose reply screen! ......
  16. No its not working .. all I get is failed - please contact member of staff! tried gifs, jpgs, bmps of various sizes...
  17. I know what you mean !! - just beacause you happen to have a swastika tattooed on your forehead, they think you're out to cause trouble ! .
  18. Sie sind Hans und Lotte Hass die deutsche Unterwassermannschaft ! ah the 50s telly!, even the adverts seemed exciting in those days ! some progs I remember are: Wagon train - Ward Bond. Boots and Saddles. The Army Game - excused boots Bisley. Take your Pick - Michael Miles. Sea Hunt - Lloyd Bridges. Torchy the Battery Boy. Lunch Box - Noele Gordon. Crackerjack. Supercar. In the early 50s, TVs were BBC only and a convertor was needed to receive the commercial ABC station. ... can you remember that? and what year did Clint Eastwood appear aS Rowdy Yates ? .
  19. A very nostalgic pic. which hadn't changed a deal through to the 70s.. with slightly more detail to the lefthand side it would have shown my entire walk to school. Notts County fc (centre right) to - meadow lane - cross London rd - past the Globe - cross Arkwright st - onto Fraser st - straight down to the bottom - turn right, et Voila! - TB ! Distance approx 1 mile (if metalwork) and 30 miles (if maths). And behind the Almshouses on London rd. was Ryehill terrace where my grandparents used to live. There used to be a wall seperating the almshouses from the street, and as soon as you jumped up and popped your head over the top there was always an old gal waiting to give you a verbal ! either Clear off! or gerout ovit! (they'd had a ball land in there around 1912 and hadn't really got over the event) The side entrance to the almshouses was on Ryehill street, and on the bolted iron gate in large letters it exclamed NO HAWKERS, BEGGERS, OR DOGS! - They just loved visitors! Arkwright school can be seen extreme right on London road. .
  20. Actually the Skoda of today is an half decent motor, eversince Volkswagen got hold of it a few years back, threw out the old engines, and totally restyled the whole range. a lot of the taxi operators now run the the Skoda Octavia, which is both reliable and roomy, and in the case of the 1.9 diesel returns over 50mpg. the interior is a bit on the 'plasticky' side, but perhaps this is a feature sought after by the taxi fraternity, whereby, they can now merely swill out those barf-ups instead previously having to shampoo and dry.