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  1. I wish I knew the dates between? Then they moved to that other club used to be? Penny Farthing?
  2. BUMPED FOR GEORGYGIRL Note The complainant in this thread has never provided up to date images or information about the new school?
  3. That also rings a bell with me?
  4. No Spys here, But if you block our Cookies, you wont track your progress on reading forums. And other benefits
  5. It will help if you tell me which forums this is happening in. Are you able to post in any? Anyone else having problems?
  6. The blouse trick might work for me!
  7. Thought they may make exceptions if I came from Nottingham :D
  8. Very Sad Rupe! Very Sad Mine has the 'Birdy Song"
  9. Here is an old image of one local Biz. Thankfully, it has now been converted into a Take Away. Very tasty. I can put up with the limp collars :D Seriously the Chinese immigrants to any country have always been hard workers. Ask the Yanks. The chinese built the railroads, many dying in the process.
  10. Ayup Whats the test like in the states? How long did you drive on your English licence? I heard that there is an easier test in Florida for the immigrants from Haiti etc.?
  11. I think it expires when you are 70
  12. Well I count at least ten more rungs of extension on that triple extender. Unfortunately Siesta time was approaching, so I did not think it was worth waiting for him to get up far enough to put the guttering back up.
  13. Anyone who has visited the Spanish island cannot failo to have noticed the Spanish construction techniques. Note the painter mates chattin up the local crumpet?
  14. How about this for an anti theft device. Nice to know the Mod movement lives on...
  15. Try and get some copy pics or info if you can to Post here Bamber. I would be interested. When I moved in in 75 it was a Printers. I think it was later split into units? Owt on the internet?
  16. Either I made it Tweesy :o Or your too bloody clever! :D
  17. Sorry getting ready for holiday. Someone else will have to post a new question
  18. I lived on Marhill Road for 22 years, but never knew it was a brewery! :o Small world huh? <_<
  19. That Building is on Marhill Road (Station Road) at Carlton Now how do I know that?
  20. It was particularly cold in Alaska when this group was named? Name the group - Name the hit ? I am on holiday on Friday for a Week. I though I would leave this one for you to mull over Everyone say AAaaaaaaahhhhhh !