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  1. He used to present Candid Camera.
  2. Other tunnels. Carlton Rd next to what used to be Manvers School and across the road running under Thorneywood. Arnold off Arno Vale. You can walk from Arnold park to Arno Vale along the cutting where the track used to run. There used to be one on the corner next to Clarendon College but don't know if that's still accessible.
  3. There are indeed tunnels from the stone cemetary. I recall a few years ago a drama that was filmed in Nottingham which made use of them.
  4. I think it's a character from Noggin the Nog, don't know his name though.
  5. Yes there is access to the caves at Broad Marsh shoppping centre. Other things to do within an easy walking distance are: The Tales of Robin Hood Brewhouse Yard Museum Nottingham Castle Galleries of Justice
  6. Mollie Sugden it was - also played Nerys Hughes' mum in the Liver Birds !bravo!
  7. First part correct - his mother is better known for her multi coloured hairstyles
  8. That was the one! Here's a resume.. Written by Johnny Speight in the midst of the BBC's Till Death Us Do Part this equally controversial, chaotic and memorable sitcom - ironically, LWT's first in colour - was short-lived. It had to be, such was the high feeling it stirred up, although Speight's undoubted intention, as with Till Death, was to highlight discrimination, not fuel it.Set in the staff canteen and on the factory floor at Lillicrap Ltd, makers of seaside novelties, Curry And Chips starred a blacked-up Spike Milligan as 'Paki Paddy' Kevin O'Grady, who claimed to be Irish on his father
  9. Some I remember: George & the Dragon - Hugh Lloyd & Peggy Mount Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width - John Bluthal (Vicar of Dibley) & Joe Lynch Me Mammy - Milo O'Shea & Yootha Joyce Queenie's Castle - Diana Dors & "Arfur" Mullard Nearest & Dearest - Hylda Baker & Jimmy Jewell From a Birds Eye View - Millicent Martin & Stephen Jones The Likely Lads - James Bolam etc The Liver Birds - Nerys Hughes & Polly James Sykes - can't remember who this one starred!! Please Sir - John Alderton Does anybody remember the one with Eric Sykes & Spike Mil
  10. Who is this and who played his mother on TV?
  11. And he's best known for playing........?
  12. Yet another British comedy great that I saw in panto. Who is he, what was his most famous character and who played the official "Mr Pugh" that he used to annoy at the labour exchange?
  13. Sort of bumbling, accident-prone, affable sort of chap. Bit of a cross between Norman Wisdom and Mr Bean.
  14. Harry Worth. Had the pleasure many years ago of seeing him in panto at the Theatre Royal with IIRC Dickie Henderson.