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  1. ------------------------- I live in Suffolk on the coast near docks and quite a way from the transmitters. Reception was unreliable, depending on weather conditions and the position of the cranes. In general, BBC channels were better than the others. We've since switched to Freesat, reception is v. good but choice of channels is different, e.g. can't get Five USA.
  2. Hi, I was hoping that there'd be a mention of my old school. I was there from 1956 to '61 and managed to get 5 GCE's. I believe that it changed its name later on and then closed. Anyone have any more info, or went there?
  3. In chronological order: Tiger Cub 200 Franny Barnet 225 Norton Dommi 99 cafe racer style (bought from Les Wilkinson's place on Union Road?) BSA Bantam 125 Norton Commando 750. Nice to be reminded of the White Hart, used to go there quite a bit. We also used to go to some youth club in Beeston where they had groups on regularly. Anyone remember this?
  4. My mum's was 4067, I think she took it over from someone who'd died or something.