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  1. The fathers of many of my schoolfriends worked there - most notably two girls with the same name, no middle name and living on the same road - known as 1 & 2 throughout their careers at College House School. I can't remember their names....
  2. My father was posted to COD Chilwell twice that I remember (and once before I was born). We lived in Northfield Crescent the first time and Northfield Road the second. The Officers' quarters were in two patches - the Northfield ones were built in the 1950s. Field Crescent was built before WWII and was referred to as Snobs' Alley as most of the houses were much larger. I went to school in Chilwell - down the hill by bus (3d each way). My father used to fish in the outdoor water tanks which were there to fight fires. Gregory's Rose Gardens were very close and plants bought at any time of the year would take because the soil (heavy clay) was the same in our gardens.
  3. Anyone any idea where the Blue Ball was? I have no idea when it closed but it was in Nottingham in 1750 (sorry, I'm a one trick pony when it comes to Nottingham, it's the blog you know)
  4. Ah, that will have been it then. It was a while ago (I only ever used £sd there! ) and I was driven there and you never look properly at a route if you are being driven.
  5. That doesn't ring a bell - could it have been Hockley?
  6. We used to visit a market right in Nottingham when I was a teenager. I just can't remember the name - it was a great place for lace and garment "overmakes". It was outdoors and in an area with only local shops otherwise, but every house had Leavers Lace in place of nets.
  7. Most of my time in/near Nottingham was before I was old enough to drink but the Flying Horse and the George, which I remember well, were so much more than pubs. The Flying Horse competed with the Black Boy (not mentioned up till now) for the honour of hosting the Test Teams. Both were originally Inns (the latter mentioned in my 18th century blog), which were hotels as well as bars. When I returned to Nottingham in the early 70s the Flying Horse had become a place where everyone drinking there was under age and the noise was deafening. The George was a nice place for Sunday lunch in the late 50s, early 60s but by the time I returned in the Seventies, men I worked with warned me to stay away as it was "too rough for someone like you".
  8. madelaine


    Hello - I found this forum when googling for maps of Nottingham. I went to College House School, Chilwell - not quite Nottingham but the thread about things our parents used to say took me straight back there. I was the one who didn't go to Skeggy for my holidays because I didn't belong to the area and we always went to my Grandmother's house in Kent. Apart from having lived in Chilwell for a total of 9 years, I'm blogging an 18th century account book/diary belonging to my husband's great-great-great-great-great-great-uncle, Thomas Tye. Thomas spent some years living in Nottingham and you can read about it here