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  1. Yup i graduated with BArch (Hons) now doing my diploma in architecture, still at nottingham! However, im afraid it will be a few more years till im demolishing anything, and even more till i have a huge wage! :tongue: I'm afraid my project was only a student project, and was never actually going to get any sort of recognition. However, maybe they've reached some decision all by themselves! I really hope this is the beginning of a redevelopment, but in these safety conscious (retarded) days my gut says they're protecting the public from itself (how noble) by fencing it off. lets hope im
  2. wow i didnt realise that there was a lido at the other end of the park! I didn't mean to say the lido was the paddling pool, I am going to create a Lido there, by adding a changing facility and an outdoor pool. (Or UI was untill the tutors had a better idea!) Now im just concentrating on the paddling pool. By the way, when the new tram line goes in there's going top be a stop just on the opposite side of University Boulvard...
  3. interesting...but im sure its the old paddling pool because its still marked on maps as 'paddling pool' and theres a bricked up channel that must have contained pumps of some sort.
  4. Nope, there are no more lido's in the UK! and the hotel idea was actually put forward by the university, to go just south of the West Enterance. I can understand about the the moment the place is a wreck!
  5. Hi Everybody! i'm an Architecture student at the University of Nottingham, and I am about to embark on a project to redevelop the highfields paddling pool, while also adding an outdoor swimming pool, to create the UK's only existing lido. (apparantly the last one was also in Nottingham, but closed down in 2004) I was wondering if anybody knew when the current wreck of a pool was opened, when it closed and why? I much appreaciate the help! ta!