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  1. Received a reply to my enquiry to the Central Library in Nottingham which was passed to a nice lady called Dorothy, who game me the following: Stafford and Company were, as you say, based in Netherfield from the 1880's and acquired by Lonsdale and Bartholomew in 1961, ceasing trading in the 1980's There is a 70 page book about this company written by Peter Barrie Waite and published by him in 2012 A history of Stafford & Co Ltd. lithographic, pictorial, letterpress, General and Commercial Printers, Netherfield, near Nottingham. ISBN 0952461250 This book is illustrated with some exam
  2. Thanks for this, just need to find out what happened to them after that! The book I have ordered might help and possibly the Central Library will be of help
  3. My time at the printers (J.Howitt & Son Ltd) was spent in admin, first in costing, then accounts, then purchasing and finally on a special project that included inserting winning lottery tickets into envelopes going out to football clubs and supermarkets! I left there and went to work at a fabric manufacturer, then a book market agency selling books to garden centres including a range from a publisher based in Calverton - Floraprint Ltd Joined Huntley & Palmers selling biscuits to GNCS who were taken over by Nabisco in the mid 80s and end up moving to the south coast, now work for a
  4. I have emailed the library, not sure if they respond to email enquiries but to be on the safe side I have ordered the book mentioned by STU Will keep you updated of my progress
  5. Thank you for the replies, I worked for a printers in Nottingham in the mid - seventies and did a project on the history of printing for my day release college work but can't remember the name Stafford & Co I think I will enquire at the library in Nottingham if they help ex-pats based in the south! Thank you again
  6. Hi I lived in Carlton until the the early 1980's and then had to move to the south coast with my job I have recently bought an old movie poster and it says in the margin Printed by Stafford Printers, Nottingham & London I have tried searching the net and information is a bit thin on the ground but after a little digging I found a reference to Stafford & Co Limited, lithographic printers for the cinema and the railways. It says they started in Bingham and moved to Netherfield I don't remember them, does anyone have any details about the company? Are they still around? Any help wit
  7. I purchased a lot things from Jeff's. my "Budgie" jacket in black & purple, all of my rounded collar Brutus shirts, a pair of platform shoes and all of my flare sand loon pants! My brother worked in the Broadmarsh branch on Saturdays and full time when he left was a great loss to Nottingham when Jeff's closed down!
  8. I remember being taken to a coffee bar that served expresso coffee in the little glass cups near to the Council House, on the same side as the Flying Horse Looking on Google Street View it was either where Birds are now or Costas I thought that was Capoccis but I was only 7 or 8 so could be wrong! Always went there after shopping in Burtons.....under the Council House, just loved that shop, used to think they made wagon Wheels there!!!!! Always had a coke in a glass bottle with a striped straw and a roll and butter while mum & dad had coffees Everytime I hear an expresso machine the me
  9. Yes, there was a Skills shop joined to it on Chapel Bar, facing the ABC Cinema My parents always called it was an Aladdins cave, if they didn't have it no one made it
  10. Any one remember the Royal Steak House, on Upper Parliament Street opposite side to C0-Op house Just down from Wesr End Arcade (What happened to Brownies Toy Shop?) Used to be able to go to the Odeon or ABC and get a meal in this tiny dimly lit Steak House, all dark reds if I remeber right but the T-bones were fantastic! Always busy on Friday and Saturdays, but easy to get in at the start of the week!!
  11. I went to school with a rather attractive girl in the mid to late 70s Debbie Wright, she once at one time a Miss Notts County I think Lived near Burton Joyce, anyone know what happened to her?
  12. Batman was great but for me it was those wooden heros from the mind of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson...... Mike Mercury & Supercar Steve Zodiac & Fireball XL5 Troy Tempest & Stingray and finally The Tracy Brothers and their Thunderbirds! I remember leaving a school Christmas party early so I could watch the latest episode of Thunderbirds........
  13. I am sure MacFisheries was alongside Slab Square, South Parade, I think! As for Burtons, it was a fantastic shop that was unique just like a mini Harrods food hall, but I believe it was taken over by Fine Fare in the early eighties or late seventies I was a rep for Jacobs biscuits and had to call on them every week for their order and it was fantastic under the shops with store rooms and passage ways under the council house I always remember the fantastic window displays they did especially at Christmas
  14. I remember the shoe shop, think the owner was Frank Shaw, used to get my school shoes there I remember the farm and the old railway bridge, I also remember a policeman on duty at the farm gate when there was a foot & mouth outbreak