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  1. yes happy memories, makes me smile when i read these msgs ,,i`ve got a few pics of Clayton Sq, when ive sussed out how to put them on here i will for you to have a look at
  2. yes Poundalls was close to the brassy, next to the old Windmill pub on Alfreeton rd, both od my granmars and 3 aunties lived on Bloomsgrove st, small world hey !! and i remember the Ellis twins Johnny Bull etc ,,
  3. Hi, yes i did go to Douglas school,,and yes i know Jimmy flowers very well ,saw him last week on Broxtowe lane the other ,2 names ring a bell with me also
  4. ye thats the place near to the Brassy me mam used to buy our clothes off the ragmen on the brassy . by the way yes i was born in radford in Clayton Square
  5. Does anyone remember Clayton Square Radford? It was a yard off Mitchell St /Hornbuckle st,