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  1. Haha,same here.I remember a few years ago the Tele.sent me a special tool to slit the plastic wrap off.The flamin thing mutilated the paper,so went into the bin pretty quick. Baz
  2. I find the ammount of jealousy directed at Australians to be annoying. Just because somebody was knocked back for migrating to Aus.or,was too late in life applying doesn't give them the right to bitch about how superior we are. Innit. Baz
  3. More of your "escapades" in Taiwan would be great carltonlad. I'm just so surprised that you didn't get and operate a hot dog cart.There must be "special "customers there too. Baz
  4. bazza


    Nobody has mentioned sine and cosine.Invaluable if you have to work out values of triangulation. Baz
  5. Congratulations "pop"..Poohbear. I too have a grandson named Max. Baz
  6. Carltonlad,I was piisin myself laughing when you mentioned the Broadmarsh clientele.I probably served those same er...customers when I was a barman/bouncer just up the road at The Horse and Groom. Baz
  7. We have a highway in Sydney which leads to the Northern beaches.Part of this road is called "Tumble Down Dick Hill" Baz
  8. No fires at present in the Sydney area hippo girl.The nearest are at Wagga Wagga,300+ Kims.From us. Your daughter is probably just down town enjoying herself. Maybe not,it's started raining. :-) Baz
  9. She'll be ok basfordred.There is nothing much to burn at North Bondi. Baz
  10. Preferably pronounced the French way. Baz
  11. My mums name was Sissie. Folk often thought it was short for Cecelia but it wasn't.That was the actual spelling. I've never come across that name since then. Baz
  12. You must get the same newspaper as me Trev. Baz