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  1. Sorry, pressed send before adding message! I have an old diary from 1967 and there are lots of names from the past in there and one of them was 'COLIN FOULDS'. I lived in Derby at the time but, apart from Clouds in Derby, my friend Alison and I spent a lot of time travelling to the clubs in Nottingham.
  2. Hi Terry, thanks for that. I am interested in a Dungeon reunion too. I was a regular in Nottingham in the late 60's and have fond memories. Chrissie
  3. Hi Craig, when I spoke to Linda I thought she said the motown & soul reunion is on 29th at the Federation Club, is this correct? Chrissie
  4. I've reserved 4 tickets Craig, although 2 friends still to confirm to me that they can make it. I will let you know for definite as soon as I can. Chrissie
  5. Count me in if there's a reunion at any of the existing clubs in Nottingham. Chrissie
  6. Found some more names from 1968 in my diariy! Anyone heard of these? Trevor Smith (Holmfield Road, Chilwell, Beeston) Ralph Charles Keith, Normanton. Paul Chapman, Sunninghill Drive, Clifton Estate, Notts. Ian Wilson, Bobbers Mill, Notts. Harry Scholey Mick Shearer Would love to know what they are up to now! Chrissie
  7. Hi What a great picture, I wish my memory was good enough to remember what Nidge looked like but it isn't. Hope we get some more pictures through of what people were like when they were younger. Chrissie
  8. Thanks for the info on Dave Tice, sounds like the same person I knew. I wondered what happened to him. Firbeck - I don't remember Nidge's surname but he certainly was a jack the lad and he always had a girl hanging off his arm. So, again, it sounds like he might be the Nidge I knew. Chrissie
  9. Anyone recognise any of the following names, I came across them in some old diaries but not sure whether they are from Nottingham or Derby. Quite a few are mentioned during my many trips to the clubs in Notts in the late 60's. John Landon (he was with Clockwork Toys) - I met him when I had an evening job at the Locarno in Derby, and I'm pretty sure he was from Nottingham. Dave Christie Mick O'Neill Dave Tyce Nidge ? Dave Whitehead Paul Chapman Roger Smith Trevor Wain If anyone recognises any of the names and knows anything about them I would love to hear. My maiden name was Beardm
  10. [Thanks anyway Zab, my fault I moved the thread!!
  11. I saw Long John Baldry at the Corporation in Derby in the late 60s. They had quite a few well known people appear there.
  12. [ Thanks Carol, I took a look on the site. I was hoping they had a gig lined up in the near future so I could take a look at how they'd aged (