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  1. Hello there Bratty Brit, you just got me with a lot of place names there girl. I went to Saint Martins youth club on a Sunday night in those years too, great times, do you remember any of the names from the youth club then? I lived back then at the top of Wigman road on Melford, so there is a good possibility that we knew each other, so how do we find this out? O'k then so you would remember Dianne that lived opposite the youth club that was a hairdresser, she went out with a boy called Norman. Do you remember a Marilyn Twigg too, or a Jaqueline Hooper? How about Jimmy Jones, Lynne Hopki
  2. hello hello hello, anybody there? Not as user friendly as it was before...a little baffling Georgygirl
  3. Firbeck, yes you see me online, I cannot avoid that happening, however you also see that I am not entering onto this thread up till now. I prefer not to have anything to do with this topic, as it would not matter what I said, it would be distorted and torn to shreds. Let the people have their fun, I just refuse to add any fuel. just one thing, I was not a M.J. fan, just a human being like he was. Georgygirl.
  4. That's what I did, I told them, and I do know what you mean, but I just think it is the lowest form of wit when people resort to disrespecting the dead, after all it's not as iff they can stick up for themselves. I have been on several forums, and to be quite honest, this was the worst I have seen, which really shocked me. I also run a forum, and I would not be able to do this, it is just too base, too low in my opinion. Sad though, I enjoyed this forum up till now, some really nice and decent people here. thanks to those people by the way...Georgygirl.
  5. Being new on here I must admit I am shocked at the posts. Has nobody ever been taught respect for the dead? Will not bother returning...this is just horrible.
  6. Oh good grief Poohbear, can I not even say that he is a gentleman, after all you don't find them much anymore? And believe me, he is quite safe from me...I am sixty three years old and finished all that kind of business years ago, infact it isn't even just a faint memory anymore, it's a big blank wall!!!!!!! that's really funny. Georgygirl.
  7. l.o.l. might have been a great idea many many moons ago...but hardly think they're gonna hire me at my age. Georgygirl.
  8. Oh, and Frank, whilst you're still Bulwell market still going on the weekends, or has that gone too? Georgygirl.
  9. What year are you talking about? I went to that social teenage club too, around the same time as the church youth club. My time period was around 1961, and we would pass those pensioners cottages to get there. As for the Rose...many a story to tell about that too...even though we were all underage, some of the boys weren't, so we wpuld visit there on some Friday evenings with the rest of the kids from the social club, after dark, and in the back yard...l.o.l. memories huh? So what years are you talking about Frank?
  10. Hi and good morning to all, I was just wondering whether anyone on this forum went to Saint Martins church in Bilborough estate, or associated places such as... Brownies, Girl Guides, Youth Clubs, or anything else in the time period from around 1955, to 1965? At the time there was a Father Lavender, Brother Mitchell, and several other members of the cloth there. Even iff you didn't, but you know of someone who did, I would love to know. A few names to be going along with are, Jaqueline Hooper, Marilyn Twigg.
  11. You're not the first one to say this, but what's one to do when the kids and the grandkids are all in Toronto? Georgygirl.
  12. Something I wrote many years ago about that old house on Burford road...memories of a ten year old kid... GRANDMAS CELLAR. Thirteen stone steps, so cold on your feet But back in those days, no central heat, Trepedation at the fore, you'd open up the door Step carefully down to the place of concrete. The second step down you could't help but see Cus that is where the coal skuttle would be, Sitting there to the side always on call And teetering above it, Grandmas house key. Iff you looked further down, scarier still A big hook on the wall put up by Uncle Bill, That was where the ga
  13. Thankyou for the Google map folks of Burford road, it hasn't changed at all on there. Something I thought I would never see again.' Back later on...Georgygirl.
  14. Going back to the original subject for a second here...does anyone know of Burford road in Forest Fields, my grandma lived there all her life, 169 Burford road to be precise? Just two doors down from the little corner shop that was run by a lady named Eileen. My grandma passed on in 1956 but I was wondering iff those old terraced houses are still there, many memories of the back entry part, real scary? There was a Baptist church just around the corner and the stained glass window faced my grandmas back door where you would have to go out of to go to the toilet (no indoor plumbing back then
  15. Oh now this is funny, you come on a Nottingham website, and you meet people all over this side of the Atlantic...only in Canada? Georgygirl.