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  1. Boy George was an absolute flop on that program. If it werent for his "backup" singer it would've been much worse. Tom Jones was looking old, but at least he could still sing his own songs in tune (to my ears)
  2. belated Merry Christmas to you too Mick and thanks for keeping this show on the road!
  3. I got me mum home from the hospital in time for Christmas, a flashgun for me camera, and plenty of sweeties... thank goodness the kids still have and play with their wii... we have some new games for me to make an eejit of myself with this year
  4. Nice pics I agree, I'm drawn to the water. While I was on this course, we got into trying out new things and I really enjoyed the longer exposures and night shots, and on a trip with the kids to Blackpool I took advantage of that, and got some great (for me) shots of the illuminations. I've also found that I dont get so irritated over little things anymore... bonus
  5. Maybe so... I suppose we always think things are worse now than they were in "the good old days"
  6. I think my final submission one was about midway between the two for brightness and contrast... The one that was on my site was uploaded there before I made my last minute (day before submission) adjustments If anyone is interested I'll find one I submitted, and post that (or email to Mick so he can post it ) The rule of thirds is a basic rule of photography, but in this case the sea was more of a feature to me, as the sea was very rough that day, and the very long exposure had smoothed it and given it a strange look and feel, so I opted to put the cloudline on the top thirds line... I just
  7. My grandad used to talk about swimming near the suspension bridge, so could it be somewhere near that? It seemed strange to me that people would want to swim in something as polluted as the Trent, but I guess it hasnt always been polluted.
  8. I've been missing for a few weeks, only finding time to come visit on the odd occasion. A couple of years ago, my hubby bought me a DSLR camera, and I'd been using it like I would a point and shoot camera... recently I found an online photography course through the Open University.. 10 weeks of learning how to take photos, and how to edit them in photoshop! I'd been struggling to keep up, but late last week, I finally got my best 10 images in for my assignment (my favourite is this one from a trip to Blackpool this year, a 30 second photo, taken in lowlight/moonlight. http://www.travelthr
  9. Gosh, while I was on the missing list it sounds like I've missed a rough patch. I think it must be a sign of the times with stuff like this, as the work forum I visit has had problems recently too. The best thing I can offer is "think before you post". and "treat other members as you want to be treated"
  10. No I think us "older" people are safer. According to the policeman that came to pick us up to make a statement, its the older teen boys that are "selected" more often than not. The policeman was very nice, and said that he'd only been on the "bridgford beat" for a few weeks and its a breath of fresh air compared to "central" so I suppose there are still nice areas around... its a shame that the bad areas are as bad as they are Tracey
  11. In the meadows, somewhere along the no 11 bus route (he's dyslexic, and in a strange place, and unfortunately, getting off the bus at the wrong stop made it wrong place/wrong time) But yes, lets give all our hard earned tax money to the druggies so they can have a free fix, and yes, let them get away with crime cos they're off their heads and didnt know what they were doing... Sorry, do I sound bitter.... well its understandable, thats BOTH of my twins got "done" by the hoodie brigade. I try to bring them up "right" but have also told them that no property of theirs is worth risking your lif
  12. Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place... I just need to rant... My teenage son was robbed at knifepoint on Friday and I'm still reeling from the shock. Fortunately he did as we said, telling him that to lose his possessions were better than to lose his life. My son is severely dyslexic (and ADHD too) and unfortunately got off the bus at the wrong stop. He was taking his laptop to be repaired on a busy friday, so you would think he'd be safe, but no, he was approached by some drugged up teens and they surrounded him and searched him for drugs. I'm so thankful he didnt have any of his
  13. Normally my son goes to 2 or 3 poppy selling days with his cadet squadron, but not this year for some reason. (Though he was on 2 of the local parades today)
  14. One of mine is the same as one of yours. The self-serve checkouts really bug me. Maybe I'm just being a tight-arse but isnt part of what we pay in our shops there to pay the staff? If so, why does it cost the same amount to buy the goods whether we go thru the proper checkouts as it does when we go thru the "cant be bothered to serve you, so do it yourself" checkouts?
  15. Boats were still there a few weeks ago when I went with my daughter for a walk.
  16. Oh THATS the paddling pool... we went a few times when we were younger, my mum was told there was a paddling pool at highfields (is that the name for it) and we never found it... well we never found it with water in. We usually ended up on the park and on the boating lake instead. I remember once being stuck on the lake in a thunderstorm, and a seperate occasion, being soaking wet because my cousin had only just learned how to row (and he still didnt know how to do it properly - hence me being wet)
  17. Damn... on that weekend walk I didnt get the ice cream place on photo I did get the paddling pool (tho again that looks a little neglected, as does the park next to it) The geese have gone, and now theres a notice telling walkers/river users not to feed the geese/swans/ducks, so all the bird mess will hopefully be a thing of the past Oh, I'd forgotten about the rowing boats! Thanks for reminding me
  18. That top one is how I remember our gardens (tho not on a hill like that) I suppose thats why I think its awful how it seems to have gone "downhill" so much. The bandstand area next door doesnt look any better, in fact the fence and gates look like someone has tried to force them apart... Maybe I have an "idealised" picture in my head of what I remember, as it was a place I used to enjoy going, both with my parents/grandparents, and also taking my eldest son when he was small.
  19. Not to defend the eejits that drive without insurance, but have you seen how much it is for an 18yr old... holy moly. My son was given a car in March, and we paid over £1000 to insure it... me as the main driver (as he hadnt passed his test) and we transferred my full no claims on to this 15 year old car to get the insurance that cheap. 2 weeks ago my son passed his test, and we duly informed the insurance company who told us they want ANOTHER £100 a month to carry on insuring the damn thing Theres no way in hell he could afford the insurance as he's one of the many out looking for work, and
  20. Brilliant! Theres just so much that has disappeared from our city, and so much has changed... Thanks for posting that
  21. Oh thanks Ashley. He was under the impression it was me that had to do it... or was he just telling me that so I'd do the tip run
  22. We have no permit. This was in the few days after they bought the regulations in. They told him he couldnt use the tip because of the trailer. So he asked about it, told them it was my car, and was told I had to apply for the permit, and I would be the permit holder, so I would be the one who does the tip run... All well and good when they help a woman unload, but when you have stuff in a trailer, its usually too heavey for me to lift SO now he ruins the enviroment taking more tip-trips instead of waiting until theres a full load of car and trailer
  23. The bridgford one checks Hubby got turned away with our trailer, cos it was hitched to my car (I'm the one with the tow bar, which apparently means I have to do the tip run... I think not!!! ) Sorry for Hi-jacking your thread Pemberton, and I'm pleased you got it all sorted
  24. Would you be allowed to take anything to the tip in a van though, I know theres major restrictions on dumping at the tip sites these days, with permits being needed for trailers and industrial (read ANY vans). Sadly many charities wont take furniture such as sofas without the safety marks, but you may be able to get their interest in wardrobes etc.