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  1. Ashley, I'm not sure if it was Watnall tunnel. Was that on the Great Northern? That one is definitely buried. The one I'm thinking about was slightly north of that (200-300M)on the Midland(?) line.
  2. ...oh and thanks to Ashley for the photo of the Rathole from Arnold Road - remember that cycling to school.
  3. Anyone know if the tunnel still exists that ran under under Main Road / Watnall Road at the junction of Newdigate Road - which was part of the Bennerley Branch? I walked through it in the mid '70s and bits of the lining had collapsed then. You can still make it out on Google maps,-1.249196&spn=0.001553,0.004128&t=h&z=19 .
  4. From what I can see, if you look on the MR is on the embankment going under the viaduct - probably closed when the photograph was taken hence looking overgrown. There seems to be a mineral line going from just west of Awsworth station to "Giltbrook Colliery" (if that is indeed what it was called) that went under the MR through the same bridge as the Nottingham canal then under another arch of viaduct before crossing the B6010 where the roundabout turning into Ikea is now - but this doesn't explain the tunnel under the embankment. I can't see a tunnel under the embankment on the "ponies" map unless I have everything 180 degrees out (there is one on the other side of the viaduct), but I'm pretty sure Fynger's photo is looking towards the north west with Awsworth Road in the foreground.
  5. Thanks for all your efforts. Firbeck's is the best picture I have seen of the viaduct, but I will continue to search for a photo that shows the whole length; Firbeck's just misses the Awsworth Road arch at the east end. Two more (sad) questions: How many arches were there? - Reportedly not 40, but I have read numbers from mid 30s to mid 40s. Is the arch almost directly under the engine on Firbeck's photo for the MR Bulwell to Bennerley line (if that is what it was called)? On the Youtube video between 2.08 and 2.23 (shot at Awsworth station) you really get a feel for how long the viaduct was - but can't count the arches! Thanks CW
  6. Died out by the time I was there. Clearly Pavement had gone all "Environment, Health and Safety" by the early '70s Regards CW
  7. I am staggered how little there is on the web about forty bridges, at the start of the Pinxston branch of the GNR, also known as Kimberley or Giltbrook or Awsworth Viaduct. I only have a vague memory of it as a kid - just remember how beautifully long and curved it was. I appreciate this is barely Nottingham but, given that most of Nottingham now comes shopping at Ikea which is just north of the site of the viaduct, can I ask if anyone has any information or photos? Photos I've found only seem to show a small part of it. Thanks greatly, CW
  8. Thanks for the photos guys! As a kid I always wanted to explore the rat hole, but clearly not a great idea while still in use! As I remember it, as soon as the tracks were lifted it all got bulldozed. Thanks CW
  9. Hi GG, I walked from Cinderhill to Kimberley a couple of times in the early 70's along the GNR track bed - I wish I'd taken a camera with me. Most of the route was still clear then, although the spoil heap from Babbington (or Cinderhill?) pit had obliterated part west of Cinderhill Road, and I remember that bit being quite tricky going. After the M1 bridge it got quite wet because the draining had obviously broken down. I remember the tunnel portals were particularly distinctive, the tops being "pitched" to a point, rather than the usual flat. I found a photograph on the "Picturethepast" website.;NCCC001907 If that doesn't work just search for Watnall on the site and you'll soon find it. I remember the portals being more distinctive than the photograph, but the photograph notes mention the coping stones being dislodged - I guess I was there before the photograph was taken. I did go into the Midland Ilkeston to Basford branch tunnel around the same time and remember large chunks of the lining had collapsed. The approaches were very overgrown - more than in firbeck's excellent photograph. CW
  10. Hi Ashley, Did you get your battery recharged? I used to cycle past the rathole every day on the way to and from school. It would be great to see photos of it. Thanks!