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  1. hi liz,saddened by no reply from valuejim, am i missing something here.    respectfully truckstop

    1. LizzieM


      Hi there, just checked and ValuerJim hasn’t been logged onto Nottstalgia since 20th December, he doesn’t post much so evidently doesn’t look at the forum too often.  Hopefully he’ll see your message soon, next time he pops on for a mooch around.  You’ll have to be patient as there’s no other way of contacting him.  

      Take care, Lizzie

  2. hi jim, would you contact me please, found one of your posts nov 20 2015 very interesting, and what i have to say, you may find inter

    esting also, but want to make sure , about contact.     with great respect       truckstop   

  3. baseford bill, please contact me, truckstop lost your e-mail adress
  4. i love you phoobear, you are one funny dude, keep them rolling. maybe you might find this amusing, diapers and members of parliment, need to be changed frequently , and for the same reason
  5. hi folks i lived next door to the cafe on vernon rd 1940 -60 this time frame may not be accurate. the owner was a small older man, the cafe was brocken into on several occasions,so he would leave a large suitcase full of cigs with my mom overnight. i have not been back to nottingham in 38 yrs, so i assumed there had been radical changes. found google maps , from the library on vernon rd to bulwell hall i had what seemed like a virtual reality tour, the number on the door were i used to live was very clear. thanks for all your replies dave
  6. hi folks. i was only a child 1950., i lived on the bend of vernon rd were the train tracks ran parellel with the road, and a long sandstone wall. bikers would accelerate from northern bridge and race to vernon crossings, this usually happened late at night. sadly a few did not make it, some hit a oncoming car or truck on the bend of road. i remember because i lived on that bend and would hear the crash, wot a mess, the law did not require a helmet then. any one remember these accidents love to hear from you dave
  7. hi folks some things i would like to run by you all. i was born 1940 vernon rd, any one remember the vernon cinema?, every sat would go there to watch westerns, around 1952. at the btm of screen on left side was a piano, possibly from silent movie era. love to hear from anyone dave
  8. baseford bill , please contact me , truckstop
  9. thanks hobbit, looking forward to your memories truckstop
  10. medows gal please reply, i really would like to hear from you. respecfully yours truckstop
  11. would like to hear from you meadows gal thanks
  12. anyone work at boots shopfitting dept, 1955-60