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  1. the safest job in the world is obvisouly working at a bubble wrap factory it is going to keep you safe and constantly popping although it has driven many people insane forcing them to go crazy and kill themselves.
  2. Yep a little bit of extra cash in my back burner. Only a simple one but still takes time.
  3. Yes thats correct my dad found coins there many years ago, nice little wood
  4. Yeah im still about, your concern brought a tear to my eye. I'm no longer in long eaten it was to close to Derby for me.... i'm making a website at the moe for a local company so i keep my sen busy.
  5. funny... !laughing! but i would never waste a can of the amber nector....
  6. This is a photo i made as a joke for a freind but seems relavent. In the picture is me at foxwood at the top of calverton with a ww2 artiary cannon ow and a can of fosters. Its a lovely walk round there. When i fired it i think i hit Arnold wooops i didnt stay to find out..
  7. Im living in Calverton now back in my home town. Its good that all the big names are still about. do you still go on your monthly pub run?
  8. Just like to say hello to you all it has been a long time. I've been living down Oxford with limited internet access just need to get away from Nottingham for a little while to find myself. I'm know back as a new man and getting on with things hope everyone is well and as soon as i get chance i will catch up on the posts. See you all soon. Robin !hand!
  9. Sorry!!! I can't do nowt reet, worth a try one day you never know i might just get something past you lot... :tongue:
  10. Heres one for you mate i got it of a fantastic site that everyone sould look at it has loads of photos of old nottingham. The libraries and museums of Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have in their collections, hundreds of thousands of historic photographs, slides, negatives, glass plates, postcards and engravings recalling the history of the local communities over the last hundred years and more. !!LINK!! Picture the past (please look and search for pics in your town} hope you injoye
  11. well i was going to have a go but bip has done a really good job welldone...
  12. move back to the badlands now so thourt i would pop in for a look around. im not sure on the copyright thing? how have things been since i was gone ?