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  1. If it's dead, test and verify, if dead blank it off If it tests live with no faults you have 3 options 1 fit a new socket 2 terminate into a connector block and tape it up and cover with a blank plate 3 through crimp each conductor and earth ( live neutral and earth ) and this doesn't need a blank cover and can be plastered over, All the above conforms to bs 7671. P.S. make sure to use a voltage tester pen.
  2. I was at the Boat Ian when Nutz were recorded and I've got the Lone Star album still in my collection. Also saw Def Lepperd and Saxon there.
  3. I hope you didn't go in the Pub and drink some of their ale that they pass off as pi$$
  4. I think your all talking a load of testacles, oops sorry i mean tentacles
  5. I couldn't agree with you more P.B. I've always argued the hypocrisy of going into a pub and being able to rot your liver but not your lungs. As many if not more people suffer the effects of passive drinking as opposed to smoking imo, check any A & E unit at the weekend to see the aftermaths of a good night out. Having said all that there are alot of places where i agree with the ban, neither myself or swmbo have smoked in the house and i certainly wouldn't want to eat a meal surrounded by fag smoke.
  6. The whale bone was there to show that they sold oil for lanterns and such like, i think that it is inside the pub now to stop it deterioating any further as it had got into a bit of a state.
  7. That explains alot Ashley. Took the dog across the fields last night and saw her coming off the main line at about 1.30am and she didn't sound in the best of health.
  8. Am I so glad to hear that everything was alright in the end mate, thats another page read in the 'How To learn The Hard Way In Life' book. BTW i'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall when SWMBO said that she was a bit busy lol.
  9. This should answer your question Ashley
  10. I'm pretty sure that the two P.H.'s on the left hand side are the Sal' and the Royal Children so that would make those two top left corner roads Hounds Gate and Castle Gate so most of the bottom half of the map would now be taken up by the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre.
  11. still trying to work out all these cryptic messages from limey :)

    1. radfordred


      Lets crack the mystery.

  12. My money is on you never getting that double Tia Maria off PB Babs, but if I ever run into you can have one from me with pleasure. Can I also add that the reason some people don't join Nottstalgia is because they don't want to leave themselves open to ridicule and criticism off certain members who don't think they fit the criteria to be a member. If the grammar, punctuation or spelling is wrong on this post ask me if I'm bothered.