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  1. lainie3961

    Midland station

    iandawson - Why did your SIL live on Midland? What job did she do? Whereabouts did she live?
  2. lainie3961

    The Rhinegold

    Thanks nonnaB - it is nice to feel welcome and you have made me feel that.......
  3. lainie3961

    Midland station

    Thank you so much - all of you - for your answers to this question. Much appreciated. Cliff has posted a very useful map of the station area - which shows that living accommodation was provided for those staff who needed to be on hand 24/7 - so were other buildings used for other staff or for work purposes? What were the buildings in the top right hand corner of the map used for? They are the buildings whose roofs can be seen above the current station. Just seen your post iandawson - thank you. Can you expand on your post please? i.e. what is a CIE worker?
  4. I once had a friend tell me of someone who kept telling her that she had 'pierced stairs' - and she kept saying sorry, don't understand what you are saying! - eventually it came out that the girl was telling her that she had 'pierced ears'. And this friend is a Nottingham girl......! Yes - Bass-ford winds me up too!!!! If only they would ask.................
  5. lainie3961

    Good Advice

    Take a look at the old hen before you buy the
  6. lainie3961

    The Rhinegold

    lol - don't know why I am the person to ask - but yes - olive oil is good - and is a health benefit. It is plant oil - vegetable oil and so healthier than animal fat oil [i.e lard or butter]. It doesn't log the arteries like animal oil/fat does. You have to think Mediterranean diet - olive oil and loads of veg/salad together with dairy products and limited meats - apparently makes for the perfect diet that will keep you living a long and healthy life.........................
  7. lainie3961

    Ey Up !

    My favourites are 'yowl koppit' - I haven't heard that in ages........ Also, my nana used to call me a 'little bogger' - that is only something you hear in Nottingham - I think......... Having said that - I really thought that the Nottingham accent had almost disappeared completely - but was both pleased and horrified to hear it on a bus journey up to Ilkeston [illson] I caught the bus from Stapleford to Ilkeston - about 9.15 - and as the bus got closer to Ilkeston and the age range increased to the 60+ - all I could hear was 'ayup me duck' etc etc. I had to smile! - the Nottingham accent lives - although mainly in Ilkeston [Derbyshire]
  8. lainie3961

    Good Advice

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger................. Never a truer word said! What goes around comes around!!
  9. lainie3961

    Midland station

    Thanks Beefsteak - what would they have been used for back in the day? Would they have been offices for the station master etc?
  10. lainie3961

    The Rhinegold

    Wow - they have made a beautiful job of restoring the building!!! I have fond memories of being taken for lunch at the Rhinegold by my boss - together with other staff I might add - as a treat 3 or 4 times a year. I was only young, and I thought it VERY posh - what with the silver service and sweet trolley etc. We used to come out of there podged and slightly tipsy....! He knew his etiquette and taught me, by watching him, how to behave in a nice restaurant!!!
  11. Hi, Can anyone tell me if staff lived on the Midland station? When you approach the station from Trent Street [which would have been the front of the original station?] there appear to be the roofs of a row of houses just surfacing above the glass/plastic roof covering of the modern station. I think the 'houses' would now be between platforms 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 and the bottoms of which are now used for cafe's and toilets etc. Many thanks. I cannot find a picture that I can download to show you the view of what I mean - but if you go onto google street view and stand at the junction of Trent Street and Station Street you will see exactly the buildings I am referring to. Thank you.
  12. lainie3961

    Things our parents used to say

    Any one heard the expression 'derby road'???? My dad used to say 'if you don't stop crying, I will give you something to cry about' [meaning a smack, when you could still smack children] - which would send me in a panic and make me cry more cos then I didn't know what to do and would cry all the more...!!!
  13. lainie3961

    Carl's Fables

    I was SO in love with Neil the accordion player in the band Karl and the Heidelburgers. This forum has brought it all back to me...... !!!! Arrhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  14. lainie3961

    old Nottingham

    Hi Ted, If you click on the link it will take you to a website containing pictures of Nottingham/Derby. I have just searched and there is just one sketched picture [that I can find] of Garners Hill although there are plenty of Drury Hill which was very near and very much the same sort of street and housing. This area has all been demolished now - part of it [Drury Hill] for a horrible shopping centre and part of it [Garner's Hill included] for a railway line that is no longer there. A park was then created called Garner's Hill Park - this has now gone for building work!!!! Hope this helps you! Elaine