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  1. Fox & Grapes? Fox & something!

  2. On his way out to the war in Burma my uncle crossed the equator. He had his 'equator crossing card' signed by many who were with him at the time (summer 1942), I thought I would post the list of signatures and their home towns here - you never know, perhaps the names mean something to someone and if nothing more as a memorial to those soldiers. NAME LOCATION ? Ramsden Surrey J. Bain J. Huggan Hawick M. Atkinson Catford S. Wilkins London P. Johnson Annesley Woodhouse W. Loadlitter Newcastle A G Belt Bridgend, Glamorgan Cliff Wilks Newport, Mon R S Roberts Senghenydd, Caerph
  3. What a brilliant idea. A short story told to me by my grandparents.... During the war my Grandfather Danny Littleboy (cockney lad born and bred) was posted to Nottingham as an ack ack gunner. He was stationed at Bulwell Forest - I think him and his army mates slept in what is now the golf club opposite the Golden Ball pub (I dont think the pub was there during the war). They were to take up positions on the roof on what was (I think) a cinema at the time - the Adelphi, at the bottom of St Albans Road, it later became a bingo hall and was demolished some 20 odd years ago and is now a KFC.
  4. My Uncle was in Burmu and India during the war, I have his diaries and a great many documents, photo's, letters and art work relating to his time there. During my childhood he lived only 3 doors down from me and visited every single day - never once during that time did he mention the war, he would talk about being in Burma/India but never in connection to the war. He talked of snakes, people he met, friends, food, scenary etc until one day when I was around 18 years old he said ... "I have book I want you to look at", he opened the book, pointed to a passage and sat silently as I read of
  5. Pollie


    Thanks for the warm welcomes, a bit more about me sen.... Born and brought up in Nottingham not far from Shonky Pit. Moved away from Nottingham in 1995, came back in 98 and moved away again in 2001. Now living in Lincs on the coast - literally! (50 meters from the sea at high tide). Trained as a nurse, worked as a ward sister for years until I had to retire after an accident at work, currently studying a BSC in Physics with the OU. I used to frequent the Imperial, Boat club, Warro's and Morts back in the 80's and the Irish in the 90's - the city centre wasnt such a scary place back then,
  6. Hmmmmmm the name is familliar - old timers disease robs me of many names and faces, I remember Freddie Ballinger, Meglomania (metal micky), Vern (Werner) and I wonder if the John you mention was a blond haired guy who just didnt look like a rock jock in a million years since he was always so smart?
  7. "it's been a while since i was on the radio, i think the last time i was with graham neale on trent," - metal micky blimey it has been a while hasnt it! it has been 24 years since Graham died and nearer 30 years since he ran a series of shows with guest rock jocks on his Castle Rock show. Oh how time flies when you are having fun. "ive been trying to get radio nottm to let me do a rock show but i gotta keep at them me thinks." - metal micky That reminds me of another local jock back in the 80's setting up his decks outside radio trent officers (hmmmm it could have been radio nottingham) an
  8. Ah yes, the Cavalier - thanks for that Denshaw, no I didnt live there.
  9. Hi new to the forum and thought I would add some memories here. I used to frequent some of the rock 'venues' in the 80's The Boat, brilliant on a Fri/Sat nights The Imperial - I think only one night a week when there wasnt some form of rock music on. Potters Bar, Beckhampton Road (although I dont think it was called Potters Bar at the time can anyone remind me what it was called?)- Tuesdays Morts - what ever happened to Vern (I think his name was spelled Werner) Rock City - some great bands Bierkeller - cosy! Nice to meet you all.
  10. Pollie


    New member here saying hello or should I say Eyup me duck, I was born in Nottingham, moved away in the 90's. I enjoyed reading the 80's threads and some of the names brought a smile to my face. Looking forward to contributing and rekindling some old memories.