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  1. I remember it so well,the vicarage was,used to go scrumping there too,think the tripe shop used to sell pigs trotters too,and the green grocers was grices,and don’t forget the barbers.
  2. I think most people in sneinton knew each other back in the days ,post ww2,i am sneinton born and bred,loved the place,we didn’t have two pennies to rub together,and were little tearaways,but the people of old sneinton were the best. see all the names on here and try to remember who they might be,especially the ladies ,now most have married names. wish there were more old time sneinton eras around now,be a better place . cheers
  3. Lynmee,you missed out McDonald woodwork,and Ben scargill
  4. His name was Albert pownall on meadow lane,had two sons mick and John,very nice people,Albert used to have boxing matches in the open air,on his property he also used to have a big bonfire ,and all the local kids we're invited he never forgot his roots,real good sneinton family.
  5. I've not lived in England for a few years,and only been back once in 14 years but it's still a great city,you only realize how good the u.k. Is,is when you have moved away,I know many people who live abroad,and deep in their hearts,they would all like to go home,but cannot because they have children and grandchildren.Would love to have a chat with any of the roses,all real nice people they lived next door to us,it's great they are all still around,except Richard the dad.
  6. Hello I remember all of the families,I am the youngest of the stredders,only two of us left out of a family of nine,counting mam and dad,we was real tear always when we was young,but all turned out okay in the end.All the families you mentioned were nice people,yes some was villains but nice villains likable rogues ,as I remember being called.but they was good days even if we was poor.
  7. Can anyone remember wooden blocks roads ,they was about the same size as normal bricks,but laid on their sides,and was tarred over,or has old age finally overtaken me. I remember you could go down to the corporation yard on London road and get a barrow load for 9d (0old pence)they was great for burning as logs,but you needed to get the sweep in regular. I think they was on the roads around sneinton market.
  8. Lived in Canada,Italy ,but nottingham England ,is where the heart is,always.the old saying is very true,you can take a person,out of nottingham,but you can never take nottingham out of the person. The best people in the world without doubt ,until you have been away,from it,you don't realise how great it is.
  9. Hello I remember most of the families you mentioned,I would like to know how everyone got on in life,it was a great place to live and,amazing how many people you did know,nowadays you hardly know anyone on your own street,or only to say good morning,,it really was one big village. I am the youngest Stredder,only two of us left out of nine in the family,love to hear from any of the old sneinton crowd,who are still around,great memories.
  10. And of course the dale cinema , across the road to buy halfpenny sucker and one penny bottle of pop( colored water really)then back down sneinton dale to go home
  11. Didn't think anyone would remember them
  12. Remember the pleasure park well,used to be two pence to get in,or go through thr back,past the air force cadets,and the dog track,into the old Dako football field,you could then climb over the fence,there was a penny arcade,pull me swings,a rounder out,push by hand,a paddling pool,which got so slippery in the hot weather with algae,that it was dangerous to walk in,a fenced off area for swimming,the landing stage for the ferry boat,great for diving off,a bit grotty but we loved it. Also just before the entrance there was the ferry where the boatman would take you across with a rowboat,for a
  13. I went to the sneinton trust school,St Stephens was our church but most people even from sneinton forget there is a street between sneinton road,and sneinton dale,most of the church yard borders it,any sneintoners know the name of the street.?