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  1. Hello Alamo You are a little older than me but lived in my area,we was the stredders,a bit rough around the edges,but we turned out alright.It seems a lot of people have emigrated who lived in sneinton,such a pity,as all the people from sneinton was good,uns.I still miss sneinton and the people,but unfortunatly,i dont miss England,but all the good times was in sneinton(was they really good times)i have a look round on google earth,and dont recognise the place,when i come over to England,i will have a good look round sneinton,as i said the people,was really good,most of us struggled
  2. I remember father thomas very well,he was a vicar who really looked the part,silver hair,and ruddy face,we used to run out of school and he would swing us around by our hands,the headmistress miss mobbs lived in victoria avenue,and i also remember miss cottingham,mr. jobeson,miss slack who i think got married,miss cottingham,and the caretaker was mr.lees,wonderful to hear from old pupils from 50-56 when i was there,to see how everyone turned out. Lupo
  3. hello all known Jeff Blythe all my life and his dad,couldnt find a nicer guy,and his dad was a gentleman,glad he did well he deserves it. lupo
  4. Read a little about the old pleasure park at the bottom of trent lane,it was a good day out down trent lane,first the old man who used to ferry you over the trent to bridgeford for a penny,then into the pleasure park when you came back,it used to be 2pennies to get in,or walk all the way round the old football fields,past the old white city dog track,and the old pieces of planes in the old raf cadets i think it was,and over the fence at the back.there was the penny arcade and the rounderbout,the pull me swings and a paddleing pool that got really slippy in the summer with the slime on the bott
  5. Hello Jonesy Like to know if i knew them seems like all the "old" sneintoners have left for pastures new,pity the old sneinton was great,bit rough but still like a great big village,pity its all changed. lupo (Stredd)
  6. Where are all the old boys&girls from sneinton now? sneinton trust,sneinton boulevard,greenwood bilateral,dale girls school,st.bernadets