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  1. We went down to Nottingham War Room on Chalfont drive back in December 2010. Here is some of the video footage we took. Cheers, Shaun
  2. I've spoken to the investigating officer regarding that bunker, was trying to get the owner to grant access to look such luck . Anyway back to the subject of the Nottingham 'war room' on Chalfont drive, ive been trying to gain access from the council to look around and they have been very helpfull in providing me with documents, put me in touch with land registry / developers etc... I've been given this link which is a whole proposal for the nottingham war room;jsessionid=4922570889F7D494A86AA6E8AFDB027A?ex
  3. Is anyone still searching the Nottingham bunkers? I went to check out the Watnall road bunker today ...its being stripped I think .. big padlock on the bunker door so can't get in .. Shaun
  4. Did anyone ever find out whats down there? i'm VERY interested in finding out..... Shaun
  5. The Red Dragon BBS in Nottingham 3 Diamond Cable lines ! Software was something called PC Board Ran by me, Shaun Okeefe