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  1. Excuse me but as i said i love halloween and kids, and every year i have a great big dish of sweets ready to dish out to any child that comes to the door, the egging is not in response to not treating them as they haven't knocked on the door in the first place. (it's too blinking early anyway) What i do hate though is when older kids say 16yr olds come round and they knock at the door and they aren't even dressed up, but they still expect the sweets etc..... I still get carol singers occasionally and they are lovely to listen too, i give them either sweets or coppers.
  2. i do love kids and i love halloween, but since when has throwing eggs at people's windows got anything to do with halloween. Even with our own traditions and them that have come in from America, there is nothing to do with egging people's houses.
  3. Well here we go, 4 weeks to go till halloween and the little t**ts have started already. just had two eggs thrown at my window, rushed out quickly but didn't see anyone, just heard them running off. it's always bloody egg isn't it? Irushed to get it cleaned off as soon as it dries, the only way to shift it is with a razor blade, unless anyone has any tips? I really wanted to catch them cause i would have shoved a whole box of 6 eggs down their throats raw, i am not a kill joy but bloody hell come on!!!!!!!!!
  4. Has anyone noticed how every town that you go to, it's over run with charity shops and cafe's, i mean come on...... what is it, do people think that we spend all our money in, pubs, restaurants and cafes and then can't afford to go to places like peacocks and asda or any of the other clothes and toy shops. I mean have you seen some of the prices that these charity shops put on things, I went in one today and nearly bought a shirt but glad i didn't as i then went to tesco and got a brand new one for less than the one at the charity shop, it's ridiculous, they get this stuff off us for nothing,
  5. Hi everyone, I just wanted to be the first to tell you what a great place lymm vale is, its in cheshire and Its really good fishing there, the people are great and really friendly If anyone has been and has any good stories to tell, lets hear them thanks