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  1. Just wondering if there’s anyway I can find out the details of when my dad was in the Buffs . i am in contact with a chap who’s trying to help but it’s proving difficult.
  2. went and lit a candle for my precious sister cazs birthday on wed.....beautiful church x
  3. Thanks you lovely people . I do hope they don't close it maybe we can all have a whip round and run it and rename it Cazs Place
  4. Have been down the medders well Trent bridge etc and really thrilled with the embankment etc. Took mum down and also my daughter mum had lots of memories wish caz could have been with us she is fab on stuff like that . memories came flooding back anyway the globe which was the greyhound my dads local it's all boarded up ! Is it closed down for good I do hope not .
  5. so very sorry to have to tell you that my precious beautiful sister caz passed away on sun 3rd april in oz.....i know many of u knew her...we are broken hearted....
  6. Thanks mick am on rightmove as we speak... as soon as i can
  7. The chap on the floor and the guns...cripes what am i coming back to !!
  8. Been a while... I am returning to my hometown... Looking for a rented house however even though all my family are in nottm...i want honest opinions on where to stay clear of have a rough ides but dont want to make an expensive mistake !
  9. wow the evening post one is fab...i would be reluctant to let that go.
  10. whats happening to the Newcastle arms then ?
  11. Sorry Penny just dropped lol...i am with sky so you mean that one....i never use it .... I promise i will be good if i can keep my hotmail mick
  12. Shes Good Thanks..... I will try and get her to come on here and tell you her "news " !!!!
  13. Well i cant believe how lovely it looks like something you would see in did they knock that down to put a shopping centre there ? Its shocking.....