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  1. Today I twice tried to open a new topic in 'Owt About Nowt' but each time the attempt disappeared. Is it something I said?
  2. 'Myself when young did eagerly frequent Doctor and Saint, and heard great argument About it and about: but evermore Came out by the same door where in I went'. Omar Khayyam
  3. The attention given to this by the media is one of the things which has put me off football for life.
  4. I found the most predictable and boring film I have seen to be 'Gone With The Wind'. I was dragged off to see it and noted all the men around were looking at their watches but some movies are so bad, they are entertaining. I find some of the Japanese S/F films to be of the type and let's not forget 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'. These days there are films of this genre made to satisfy the market, those such as, 'Sharknado' and 'Black Sheep'.
  5. There were some crazy things done in those days. I was on 1Sqdn at West Raynham when Flt Lt Al Pollock flew a Hunter through Tower Bridge. He was a great pilot and one of the few officers I knew of who was held in genuine respect.
  6. The disaster of these recurring floods and the sight of the unfortunates suffering as a consequence make me feel that much of the foreign aid we deal out should be diverted to causes closer to home.
  7. For one lacking feeling - 'Good King One Sense Less' For one whom Carl Jung analysis failed - 'Oh Come All Ye Freudian'. One struck dumb finding everyone awake in the House of Lords - 'Silent Knight'.
  8. Ski-jump, and be young and rich enough, or clever enough, to take trip into space.
  9. Just finished and enjoyed, 'Dune' by Frank Herbert and started 'Dissolution', by C J Sansom. I'm not too keen on historical novels but this is a good 'who done it' of Tudor times.
  10. Here's an interesting topic for discussion. In a radio programme this morning it was reported that some more 'experts' have decided that there is no difference between the brain of a man and that of a woman, therefore women do not naturally have superior skills at multi-tasking and men don't necessarily make the best map readers. I told my missus this and she smacked me with spoon whilst making her porridge after which I found my way round the house successfully with the vacuum cleaner. What do 'experts' know!!!
  11. Discussing a couple, one of whom not expected to last long, 'Ah! But a creaking gate hangs the longest'.
  12. The smell of a misty morning during Goose Fair weekend.
  13. On the question of school milk, when we were given it and other things in the diet of those days, I don't recall being aware of all the food allergies prevalent today, or perhaps they weren't recognised?
  14. 'You Can't Go Home Again', is the title of a novel by Thomas Wolfe but in the digital age, you can do the next best thing. Welcome!
  15. I think I've mentioned this before in the annals but Glasshouse Street was once under road repair. It was students' 'Rag Week' and they phoned the police to say students were in disguise digging up the road, then 'phoned the road repairers and told them they were going to be raided by students disguised as policemen. I don't know what happened as a result. Do you still get a 'Rag Week'? They used to put out a magazine to mark the event but I don't recall its title.
  16. I don't think it matters where or how you get married. Couples are as equally joined in a registry office as in Westminster Abbey and neither guarantees a couple remaining married no matter how much it costs. The Royal Family have demonstrated this more than once.
  17. All T.V. programmes are a matter of taste but it seems to me that many are voyeuristic in content and those which particularly annoy me are the 'clubby' panel games, featuring the same faces and the patronizing humour. The BBC are not the only ones producing these of course and allowance has to be made to the fact that I'm an increasingly grumpy old git!
  18. I was listening to a doctor on the radio the other day and the discussion was about abbreviations on patients' notes put there by medical staff describing character and condition; e.g. NFN - Normal For Norfolk (could be Notts). SLK - Strange Looking Kid. These were mentioned as were far more. It all sounded a bit smug to me and I thought of one or two I can suggest for doctors I have known. TBI - Treatment By Internet for one who suggested such a thing to me. NEC - No Eye Contact. NPS - No Personal Skill. I'm sure others could think of more.
  19. One thing's for certain. They won't show repeats of the Alf Garnett series in memoriam, more's the pity. RIP
  20. That is very interesting. Sadly, they are rarely seen in second hand book shops.
  21. Trouble is with wit, it gets you in trouble and yes, if I saw a particularly good copy of 'Kidnapped', I may well buy it. The most copies of the same work I've bought is of 'The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam', and for me it is the nearest thing to a bible to which I refer. I find by talking in second hand book shops that buying copies of the same work is by no means unusual. Same copies I have vary in illustrations, text and even better, written notes. Always on the lookout as with any other collector.