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  1. Anyone work in workshops at REME Chiwell
  2. There were level crossing gates at Beeston until 1969 when the bridge was opened. In the middle 1960s when the gates were shut for the trains to go by at 7 20, loads of pushbikes were waiting for them to open so they could get to work at Ericsons 10.000 people worked there then.
  3. When we were kids we asked our mother whats for tea, her reply was A run round the table and a bite on the door knob
  4. people who worked for the americans Barry Widdowson Perry Wardle Andy Widdowson Phil Exley Trevor Pollard Mark Shaw and a few more
  5. The club was a big house called the 59 club i think
  6. does anyone ever read this

  7. I started in the workshops as a labourer aged 15 in Sept 1965. The Monday after the Jubilee year open day 1915 - 1965. After one year i started my apprenticeship in the training wing of the workshop. Moved into the main workshop after one year, moving to different sections of the workshop ie Tinsmiths,assembly section,engine section and Vehicle lines. Ended up working on the fv 432 line then moving on to the Chieftain tank line in 1975. We also played Football and Cricket for the workshops playing other Depots around the country. I could go on for ever, so if anyone wants any info about the