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  1. No, nothing to play it on and I doubt the music would be my cup of tea.
  2. No track listing but going for £77 on ebay
  3. The Landlady of my local is from Radford and her family have always had pubs in Nottingham. Their family name is Smith unfortunately. She gave me an envelope of photos her Aunt had given her. The Aunt had ran three pubs in the centre of town. Envelope: Family Photos, if they had text on the back then I've scanned that too: Unfortunatly the Aunt is dead now and this is all that my Landlady knows about the family running Nottingham boozers.
  4. Not sure if they met there but oddly enough their first house was behind the Festival Inn.
  5. Big T is still doing the windows but not seen on the football pitch any more. As to The Ides of Payling, I just miss his home made sausages since he closed his butchers shop.
  6. My Dad took a photo of the brick quarry when they demolished the chimney. The whole quarry was then developed into a housing estate. The black and white building in the background is The Charlton Arms pub which is still there. Another picture shows it in the late sixties during a winter similar to the one we're having now. The photos were taken from our back garden at the top of Oakdale Drive in the bottom left of the image below. You can see the outline of the old quarry where all the vegitation is around Leamington Drive.
  7. My Dad still says this but he adds a second line Yer daft me duck ya foller ballons Yer wear ya Granmas pantaloons
  8. Know it well, taught both my sons to ride motorbikes on the airfield there
  9. Bet you can't guess where I live? Grew up in Chilwell, Mams from Stabbo and me Dads from Ilson. Left home at 18 and lived in Dunkirk then Mapperly and St Annes. Ended up marrying a yokel from The Vale and moved to the sticks. It's nice enough though. Had a wander around the lanes this morning and took a few picies. This is my lovely assistant