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  1. Wild Clothing? Is that still there?! There was another s/h clothes shop on Hockley in the 80s - all sorts of stuff for sale, but mainly remembered for the fact that it had a stuffed fox in the window, with a light bulb in its mouth. Ugh.
  2. There used to be some great secondhand shops in Nottingham. The original one I remember was Pennyfeathers, near what was the Peel St end of Trent Poly. A really small shop, it moved to bigger [and less rat-infested, from what I remember] premises later, but I can't remember where. It sold a lot of 20s-style stuff, it was like being in your grandma's dressing-up box!
  3. Ah, Rock City! Duran Duran played there, the night of their Top Of The Pops debut. Also saw The Cramps, Bauhaus, Classix Nouveaux and Shock, Spear of Destiny, Toyah, loads of other stuff. Alternative night at the weekends and the occasional mid-week student night? Yep. Funnily enough I made a 80s Rock City playlist for my iPod recently - driving along to The Cult's 'Spiritwalker' at full volume, anyone? Classic!