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  1. I wasn't actually referring to any medicinal olive oil. You can buy cheap olive oil for about £3 a litre or you can pay £15 for a capful. All comes from olives, obviously some olives must be organic and free range before slaughter!!!!
  2. I remeber as a kid that Olive Oil was warmed up and poured in your ear when you got ear ache. Now i see it in the special section of Sainsburiys at £15 for 500ml. Oh how the times have changed
  3. Never been away BIP. I just can't comment on most of the topics as i don't know the area well enough or have any history there. I do post the odd snippet on other stuff when i can. Not looking good for the advertisement then. nobody ever bloody heard of it!!!!
  4. as you all know i run a business in the area but don't live there, never have. I have been approached by the Nottingham Journal with regards advertising. I know nothing about the publication, who reads it, what is inside, how much it costs etc. can anyone help? Much appreciated Mark
  5. Pemberton, Unfortunately there are people that are thick/naive/greedy enough to fall for these things. Scams like these defraud millions upon millions of pounds every year. This one is fortunately fairly obvious but some of the others a re a lot more subtle. The subtlety of the fraud is unfortunately no consolation when you lose your life savings. I once had one with some pictures of starving children, supposedly from a priest trying to set up a mission in Darfur. Very convincing apart from the fact that is was to an e-mail address i had set up to collect these kinds of thing.
  6. Have you not BIP? You must be either slipping in your old age or have been ill then. !faint!
  7. Wow Mick, you are psychic too then? Pretty simple really. The number you pick at the beginning always leads to a multiple of 9. One of those mathematical quirk type things. They simply change all multiples of nine to the same symbol and then randomise the others. The symbol is different each time but always in multiples of 9.
  8. Frank, you are more than welcome, honest, i just really hope that you never lose a family member to lung cancer., or that nobody close to you has to lose a limb through arteriosclerosis through that lovely pastime of smoking. I also hope that if they or yourself do, then there will not be some toss pott on a message board making light of the fact. I mean, to be honest, that would be just so cruel. Happy new year.
  9. Frank, can i just thank you for your complete and utter lack of sympathy, empathy or understanding at a time when a man has lost his life, a family has lost it's husband/father/grandfather and some people have lost a good friend. I myself don't feel a personal loss because i did not get to meet the man who i believe saved my life by helping me quit smoking. He also provided me with the opportunity to spend the rest of my working life helping others who wish to stop, do so. There are many MILLIONS of people across the globe who are similar to myself. So on behalf of them, again thanks for yo
  10. I have stayed in Ruddington a few years ago, got to say that i did not think much of it at the time but if you say it has improved i will have a look. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info. Wouldn't say Burnley is more expensive Black Ice, it is just a surprise that the housing down there seems to be on a par with here. Always under the impression that to move out of this town would cost me too much money, or that for whatever we got for this house we would end up having to downsize. Think the west side of the city would be better for work as it obviously has better road links. Am down there next week again so will have a look around the areas suggested. I know Arnold fairly well as i used to have a customer there when i had a proper job. Did not strike m
  12. Cheers for that Black Ice, did not realise you were only just around the corner from where the clinic is based. What is Long Eaton like as a place? I was there las weekend for a session and it seemed nice enough, new houses going up on the outskirts just next to the motorway too. Your house sounds lovely too, you can't beat a good bit of plastcrete. 250k goes a long way down there? I was under the impression it was an expensive place to live when compared to Derby and Stoke, am i wrong or has the housing market in Burnley just gone so nuts that 250k no longer seems a ridiculous amount of
  13. Not really Mick, just access to the M1 and Cities of Notts and Derby. Good schools needed for both kids and the Mrs for work.
  14. As you can see, i have not disappeared, gone bankrupt or spontaneously combusted. I am however, seriously considering moving the family down to the Nottingham area. I am looking for some advice form the residents of the city as to where is suitable for a young family? Need decent schools, facilities, low crime, open space etc. We have a budget of about £250,000 Any help would be appreciated. 1FB
  15. You can put your fishing rod away mick, i am not biting !faint!