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  1. I knit! It's theraputic, for me, not those who have to listen to the "clicking" of needles. And my daughter did attend a knitting club at school but didn't have the patience to continue. It is easier and probably cheaper to just go and buy a garment, and I think it might be a dying thing. I'll do my best to keep it going. Never made a balaclava though.
  2. Rob has in a nut shell, after flowering. Don't forget to water it before you take it out of it's pot, and water it again after re-potting. if it has alot of roots spiralling round and round when you take it out of it's pot, it won't hurt it to loosen a few before putting it in it's new pot. Happy potting xxx
  3. I would never dare hold a flame anywhere near my beloved's bottom when he is about to break wind, for fear of devastating the surrounding environment... however, I did see a few years ago now, someone light a fart, they were lying on the floor with their knees by their ears, and by looking at what he was doing, burned the front of his hair and singed a few eyebrows...
  4. It must be true, from what I have read so far, that ex-smokers are alot worse for nagging at smokers than never-ever-have-non-smokers. and I think BiP is ok, his waffling on makes me smile, talking a load of piffle is so much more entertaining than boring run-of-the-mill everyday stuff. If 1fb is going to the meet, will he be walking around telling everyone to put out their cigarettes, ranting on about the dangers of smoking? He could also get on at people who are having an alcoholic drink and chatting on their mobile phones...
  5. I think you were sitting on your bottom.
  6. I keep telling my other half that a curry a day doesn't do your insides much good...
  7. Well I say...!!! If only I had a car... !rotfl!
  8. Slugs, especially the pale coloured ones that can put get rid of their salt-covered top layer, and sprint away to avoid another sprinkling. Die! Keep away from my lilies!! People that drop litter, (and scratch cards, see below) especially when stood near a bin. The women who, go to our local shop, every morning, buy loads of scratch cards, go and stand outside, scratch like mad, then go back in for more, (occasionally to collect their winnings), and then, as the week goes on, compare notes as to who won what on which "scratchie"... This irritates me for two reasons 1. they very quickly spen
  9. tutanic, belarc did give me the info i needed, and that's how i found out what my sound card was, also, according to that, apparently my system is ok... but it's still playing up, now we have a constant problem with "my computer not responding" when trying to play on certain games on cd rom. surely things can only get better
  10. SOD IT! The list of missing things needed to play Doom3 is endless. So stuff it. I think I'll just concentrate on getting the burner/re-writer sorted out. If any one wants Doom3 game, let me know... do I have to put that in the "for sale" section?
  11. Right. This is so bloody confusing, (to me anyway), but I think I've got it... Is Realtek AC'97 Audio for VIA ® Audio controller, my sound card????? and maybe VIA/S3G Unichrommel Graphics (display adaptor), anything to do with the video card??? I don't bloody know. Thanx for the offer robin of remote assistance, but that is something I have never done and I am a bit weary of doing. STRESS!!!!
  12. Thanx robin, seems you may have the answers. How do I find out what sound/video card I have? I tried downloading the nvidia that was supposed to be compatible with doom3, but nothing changed. as for the burner, we have 3 programs. Origanally windows media player, then music match, and now realplayer. I am thinking of getting rid of the musicmatch, and putting windows media player back as the default one. should I get rid of real player too? Only put that on as is was compatible with my mobile phone. What I will do is reinstall doom3, just to write down exactly what the error is and let you
  13. Has anyone got any idea why my rewriter/burner has stopped working? I have lowered the speed on it, changed the discs we were using, done everything I can possilbly think of but no joy... completely at a loss. Also I noticed a while back when scanning for viruese, that on the list of things that were ok, the shell32.dll (whatever that means) has been changed. Could this have been changed by a virus or is something else responsible? And, sorry to be a pain, but, we recently tried to install Doom3 (pc game) and the installation went fine, but the message came up that our driver(s) and sound