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  1. Image caching is one of the main reasons that images can be seen on one computer but not on another. When you visit a web site for the first time it takes longer to load than on subsequent visits due to the images having to be retrieved from the server and displayed. Take the heading for this site... it will most likely be stored on your computer for easy retrieval and, even if it is deleted on the server, will still display. Clearing your image cache changes this of course.
  2. For devices that don't have Bluetooth built in you can get a transmitter for around twenty quid. Go on Amazon / Argos etc. and search for Bluetooth Transmitter. They plug into your headphone socket. Andy
  3. Great photo! Also shows the pavement opposite onto which my mates and I once superglued a coin and had a great laugh watching people try to pocket it... if only we'd had mobile phones with cameras back then.
  4. Might be something to do with them being cached on your computer?
  5. Belated thanks Cliff Ton.... did download one of your pics before Photobucket turned into ransomware. Anyway, thinking back, I wonder what hygiene rating out of 5 the Old Dutch would have received in the seventies? I can rememeber, when I had my Saturday job there, that washing up was a three person job: My mate stood at one side of the sink scraping off the leftovers from the plates; he passed them to the little old lady in the middle who gave them a dunk and cursory wipe with the dish cloth before passing them to me for wiping. This system didn't always result in a sa
  6. Thanks jopip that's definitely the trip I was thinking of.
  7. I lived on Alfreton Road above our shop and the entry at the rear came out on Wimbourne Road. I was there from about 1959 to 1969 when I left Bentinck Primary and moved out of the area. The families I remember on that road were the Halls, the Daleys, and the Pearces. Andy
  8. They did a great line in books on magic, astral projection, clairvoyance etc. Bought a set of Tarot Cards there as well as books by authors like Kafka, Camus and Hesse. That was in the days I had lots more hair and wore an Afghan Coat drenched in musk oil lol.
  9. Anyone remember the holidays the Nottingham Evening Post used to run in the seventies? I'm particularly interested in one that would have been between between 1974 and 1976 and I think it was to Moscow? Would love to find out exactly when it was. Andy
  10. Thanks for that Rob - I'll see if I can pick up a Linguaphone Course cheap somewhere....
  11. Thanks Rob.L. - yes saw that when I was searching but underneath it says: Past Event or Incomplete Event Sorry we have no known future venues or dates listed for this event. If you know of a date in the future when this is happening, please add it now
  12. Is the evening Market on Wedneday's still taking place? If so, anyone have a contact or idea of stall prices? Cheers
  13. In these times of austerity a job lot of lighters from Poundland would have done just as well... Also no need to use a van to travel between cities - send up a couple of dozen of those chinese lanterns and at least one would set fire to something vaguely near the intended destination.
  14. There are sections of the route labelled as 'in convoy' - not much point standing waiting along those as the flame / torch will be in a closed van.
  15. There was a thread somewhere in which someone reported that Rob's Records had closed down.... Glad to say it's not true and in fact it's had a refit and facelift. Bet there were a few dead punters found under that huge pile of unsorted records there used to be at one end...