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  1. Not sure how this thread turned into Radford, but the chippy next to the pub had seating down stairs for sure. Ate there a few times on my lunch hour.
  2. You men are giving me a laugh. Ta ever so. Not much to laugh about lately.
  3. That's awful about your grand daughter. It hasn't put her off dogs.
  4. Watched a Brit drama last night, Elizabeth is Missing, Glenda Jackson played a lady with dementia. It really bought home to us, how difficult it is to deal with or live with, a person like that. She played the part very well.
  5. Speaking of 'dropping in' while flying, many moons ago when we lived in a small town in N. Az, Patrick Swayze was flying somewhere or other and developed engine trouble. He landed at the tiny airport just outside town and he and his friend got a ride into town. They finished up at a friend's restaurant. The friend was chatting to them and said, I am going to a wedding later today, want to come along? And they did, much to the surprise of the wedding party. Patrick did a dance with the bride.
  6. Or even other members, ha ha. Dangerous lot they are. (joking)
  7. Would you like a little cheese with that whine!
  8. What a brave lady and an interesting one. She doesn't look her age either.
  9. Welcome Paul, we love to hear folks' memories.
  10. Ian. I was a punch card operator but not at the NAAFI. Raleigh, then Parr Computer Services and lastly IBM. Sorry if I mislead you.
  11. That was my job Ian. Did it for 10 years.
  12. I always leave mine a couple of days on the board, so I can admire it, ha ha. Seems a shame to break it up straight away. Wish you were nearer Nonna, we could swap our Wasgij puzzles.
  13. I think the Coon relates to the raccoon. We have Coon Hounds here, hunting dogs. Again to do with raccoons.
  14. I guess if we can say pussy, we can say Coon.
  15. Beautiful. Looks like a Maine Coon.
  16. Nonna, is your penfriend on Facebook? You can do a video chat with her if she is. I did one with my brother yesterday.
  17. Heard from a friend in E. Sussex. She was out yesterday and had her ringer off on her phone. She missed a call telling her hubby to go get his Covid vaccine. So he goes early next week instead. He turned 80 in October and is ahead of his missus for the shot, but at least it has come round quickly there.
  18. You have reminded me of a flight a few years ago. It was Virgin Atlantic from Las Vegas overnight to London. After leveling out, the flight attendant announced over the P.A. that alcoholic beverages were complementary and to please drink responsibility. That was the first time we had ever heard that suggested. Not sure why they did it, they offered a drink with dinner and we never saw the crew again until they served a quick breakfast before landing!
  19. There was a Morris, Wilkinson wicker works in Basford. Nowt to do with yours I expect. My aunt who married in 1927, her occupation at that time was wicker worker. i think the River Leen had something to do with certain factories, like bleaching and dying and wicker.
  20. If they give you as much entertainment as the Carry On films, you'll be well entertained!
  21. We watch Escape To The Country and I am going to start counting how many times the word Fantastic crops up, per episode! (we do enjoy the show though)
  22. Carni would argue that a balanced meal is a cake in each hand!
  23. Beekay, at least it was a balanced meal, savoury first, followed by dessert.
  24. I think we are going to have to rethink these kitty names. How about Sid Vicious and Pandora. LOL.