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  1. I'm guessing Working Man's Truss is one thing on the wall.
  2. Welcome John. Did you go to Crane School in Aspley? My late brother was born in 1939 and went to Crane.
  3. I'm with Jill regarding cemeteries. I love them and find it hard to pass one by. I find them so peaceful and love to read the headstones. I have escorted many a group of friends (Americans) all of the British Isles and they know they will tour a cemetery at some point because their leader is going to drag them in. The older the better. They actually enjoy them too. We called our tours A.B.C. Another Bloody Castle, Another Bloody Church and Another Bloody Cemetery!
  4. Lizzie I am in touch with Trevor S, he is well. Tried getting him back on here, not succeeded yet.
  5. My late mother-in-law Flo gave me the 3 gold ladies watches she had. All bought at the same time by her mother in 1935. One for herself, one for her sister and one for her daughter Flo who was 15 at the time. At the time I was given them, may be 10 years ago, they all worked. i checked them a few years back and one wasn't working so sold it for scrap. One I wore a lot as the expanding bracelet fitted well. Driving around New Zealand a couple of years ago, we wandered into an antique store and the owner greeted us and spotted my watch. He asked if it was a Rolex, I said it doesn't say so. He reckoned not all Rolex's have it on the face, so he took a look. No, he was disappointed but not me, it is a nice little watch anyway. The winder is getting hard to pull out now to turn the hands, took it to a jewellers to see if it could be fixed, they wanted over $200 to fix it.Thank you but no thank you! But it still works after 85 years.
  6. Ian. The only halls on the Nottingham side of Cinderhill Island were the Christ Church Hall. And Miner's Welfare, assuming that place had a hall?
  7. I just called one of my cats Buggerlugs for attacking his brother. One of my mum's 'swear words'.
  8. All of it! What has the piss takers got to do with sacking the window cleaner? Sawmill? 80 what?
  9. I know I've been gone from England for a long time, but I didn't understand anything you wrote in the above posting, HSR! LOL.
  10. rschanger. In the search box top of your page (magnifying glass) put Beachcomber in there, scroll down and hit Search. Any mention of saud Beachcomber will come up. Pages of it.
  11. Col, you did a good job, but you could have ironed your teeshirt before you took the picture Going back to me youf, there was a saying when someone had a severe hair cut, don't worry, it will drop when it's washed.
  12. On the outskirts of Williams, Az, is a tiny community called Sherwood Forest Estates. Roads are Little John, Jolly Rogue, Longbow, Friar Tuck etc. I couldn't believe it when I first moved there. Also a strip mall in Flagstaff called Sherwood Forest Shopping Center. I see there are several Nottinghams in the US, but I bet they pronounce them wrong. NottingHAM. Not Nottingum!
  13. Go back 1 page Beekay.
  14. Jill, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the above post!
  15. I worked at P.C.S and can't recall a George Hemsley. Perhaps he was a financial backer of the set up, along with Alan Parr. Alan worked at Players in the computer room before going out on his own. Perhaps that's why one of our customers was Smith Dennis!
  16. Yesterday I tried to fill out a very simple form to renew my passport . 2 pages long, and not even 2 full pages. Lovely weather, so took the forms outside to fill in. Oops, put the wrong info in a box . Back side to run off another page. Sat back out and started again. Oops a different mistake this time. Back inside and print another page. Sat back outside and found the printer had left off the top line. Back inside for another copy. Back out, where's me pen? Damn, left it inside so go and fetch it. Start over again, I finally got the FIFTH copy done properly. All this time hubby is trying to nap outside and constantly hearing my moans and sighs. Then he tells me, you should have just copied mine! Grrrr. Today he suggested I take the envelope to the P.O. to mail both forms and new photos. Not bloody likely, if there is any way I can screw up that task, believe me, I will find it!
  17. According to my 1958 polling list, that would be George and Elsie Mills at 159.
  18. The name over the shop on the left, Custance Ltd, rings a bell, but can't remember what they did. I know you can't see C & A in this picture, not even sure it was there at that time, but a memory just popped in my head. Wasn't it called C & A Modes to start with, not just C & A?
  19. Nottingham Corporation, in 2020, are celebrating 100 years of the council house. I'm guessing the Stockhill Estate was that first one to be built.
  20. We were stuck once trying to find a Birch relative in the Manchester area. Had to hire a researcher in the end and she found the family under the name Brick! Apparently the census was outsourced to India to be transcribed, and a lot of things got lost in translation.
  21. On the Korean flight to L.A. one person had a mask plus a full face perspex shield. Another had mask plus reflective ski goggles! Eee, the sights you see when you don't have your gun.
  22. We recently returned from Asia. Every airport worker, every airline steward, most of the population (mostly because they ride mopeds) and a few tourists wore masks. 28 in our group and none of us wore one. So long as you are sensible and keep washing your hands, you'll be OK. I really do think the media are making folks panic.
  23. I remember on Tingha and Tucker there was a sign made by members, you put your fore finger along your nose towards your forehead, and bowed your head. I am a mine of useless information!