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  1. What a Lovely name for a road: 'Red Lion Street'.......................
  2. Should be allowed to live its life naturally...............
  3. Hi Katyjay, didn't we have a lovely time at the William Crane Re-union last Wednesday? It was great to see some faces I still recognised from years back. What a lovely, happy photograph you have sent me to remember the occasion. More than anything Kath, glad that you landed back safely. Lots of love, Christine xx PS: give my love to Jennifer if you are in touch with her...............
  4. hippo girl, I have tried PMing you but no luck - as usual; regarding Macmillan Soul and Tamla Night @ Polish Club, April.............
  5. Bilbraborn @ #93; sounds really lovely you moving back into the house you grew up in; to live alongside memories, yet younger members of the family visiting to a house handed down. Lovely story - Good Luck.
  6. Pooh Bear, thanks for the photograph and map @#3. I'm going to have a great time remembering; this area is where my beautiful Great Grandma Kate lived with her husband William Hill. God Bless xx
  7. Katyjay, great that you made it to the 'William Crane Re-union' yesterday; all the way from Arizona - what a Surprise! I sat at a huge table surrounded by old school friends and past neighbours from Amesbury Circus - circa 1950's. Katyjay's brother managed to snap a photograph of myself engaged in an interesting talk with Gordon Beresford on the history of family surnames. PS: Katyjay, I gave Gordon details of 'Nottstalgia' - perhaps he may be joining us soon. Christine xx
  8. I was at William Crane through 50's but left at age 11; Katyjay was there with me. 'William Crane Re-union' today......................
  9. 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life'.................
  10. Hi Bilboro-lad, have pondered on your query @ #8 and it sounds like both pronouns - 'us' or 'we'- would be acceptable...........
  11. It would be great to meet up with old school friends at the 'William Crane Re-union' today. PS: Have to admit that my time spent at William Crane was pretty miserable; hard work all the way: Maths and English, Maths and English, Maths and English, not much time for music, not much time for dancing and no time at all for painting. Even so, a great school; gave we pupils Solid Learning to last forever......................
  12. Happy Birthday David W and Merthyr Imp - hope you have a Great Day. PS: Well done Carni for getting up bright and early to post Birthday Celebrations. xx
  13. Bilbraborn, can't blame you for going back to live on Wigman Road, it's very central: lots of shops up on Bracebridge Drive, the Library and Health Centre, you can cut through to Wollaton and if you're feeling fit you could leave the car behind and walk into the City. I remember reading of Radfordred's move from Radford up to Bilborough: he hated it and soon moved to Wollaton (within walking distance of Radford) - I'm sure he won't mind me telling you this.
  14. Hi Jill - long time no communicate - thanks for reminding us of whips and tops. I remember buying mine around Shrove Tuesday; along with the delicious pancakes mum made at this time, it proved a double treat. Used to chalk designs on my tops; much preferred the mushroom ones, could never get a winder-breaker going -even though I tried and tried.........
  15. Mudgie, give my love to Denice - so kind of you both to be thinking of me on my Birthday. PS: Didn't do much with it, Birthday I mean; saving the good times for when the weather warms up - if I live that long!