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  1. Good job it does, otherwise it wouldn't be a colander!
  2. Absolutely packed in the 'Pound Shop' at Bulwell this afternoon; whereas over at Wilko's and Tesco's, not many customers - just shows people are watching their pennies this Christmas. PS: S'pose with just the right amount of money in the purse / wallet, one could purchase most of what is required at Christmas from the 'Pound Shop'.
  3. Still have and use an aluminium colander that I bought when first setting up home as a young woman - couldn't part with it for all the world, even though it's probably worth nothing!
  4. Beautiful memories recorded by: Alison, Carni and Stan. PS: a little later, I hope to add to ......................
  5. Hi Contributors, between S and R there was a Sketchley's / or Giltbrook Dry Cleaners.
  6. Hi Bilboro-lad, I do remember the big house being there, at least up 'til the 60's; it would have been demolished and the space and land around used for the mini estate of Commodore Gardens.......
  7. Pleasant looking structure @ #63: quasi Regency architecture......
  8. The fishmongers on Nuthall Road was the Co-op and what a t'rific display the fishmonger put on: 'A feast for sore eyes' - there's an old saying for you.........
  9. Hi Jon and welcome to 'Nottstalgia'. I had a great Aunt Nell who lived on Forster Street back in the 50's. She had lots of daughters: one called Rose, one called Bette, one called 'what's yer name?', etc (get the gist?); two of her girls married GI's and departed to America after World War II. I recall Aunt Nell living almost immediately across the road from a funeral parlour situated in the front room of a terraced house; it scared the life out of me when I was a kid to think that the undertaker was sharing their house with departed souls! PS: remembered the surname was 'Picker'
  10. Just reading the three little words: 'Pork Dripping Sandwiches' activates my taste buds. Love pork dripping, especially if there's lots of dark brown jelly, a pinch of salt and a scalding hot cup of tea to accompany my sandwiches. Last ate pork dripping about 2 months ago; verdict?: SUMPTIOUS, food fit for the Gods...........(must have used half a loaf, t'was so delicious couldn't stop spreading - pssssssssssssssssst: what's cholesterol?) PS: secret is to serve the pork dripping on fresh, white bread that has a crisp crust.
  11. Hi Carni, I think we must both have the same sense of humour: should we say 'Naughty' rather than 'Disg..........'?
  12. Carni, am I recognising Gedling Village? - the Church looks familiar. PS: Sorry about that: Split second posting..............
  13. I welcome shops like the 'Pound Shop' and B&M, so I'm not going to grice about another bargain shop about to be opened. However, I am always extra careful when buying in the 'Pound Shop', as I notice some goods are marked up merely for the sake of being for sale in the 'Pound Shop'!
  14. Hi Carni, re: #298; you are a lovey searching in your drawers for stuff on Billy Fury - don't envy you, having to clear up!
  15. Hi Michael, thanks very much for the info. above - good of you..........
  16. Hi Babs, lovely to come across you; hope you and Mr Piggy are doing fine. Sounds like the CD's of 'Dreamboats and Petticoats' are a worthwhile purchase being as you have 6 (Whow!), plus the others........ Must make mention of the young man who sang Roy Orbison's 'In Dreams' in the show: he did a fantastic job of the song, I'm sure Roy - now serving as a 'Blue Angel' up in Heaven - if he were looking down, would have been proud of him.
  17. Hi Carni, lovely of you to get back...................and yes, you're so right: 'Don't they get the mood of the era perfectly'? How lovely that Mark (Wynter) sang to you; I remember him singing to me Christmas 1968, when he was in pantomime here - must have a thing about blondes named Christine......... I so wanted to meet him, in fact this was the main reason I booked to see the show; made a beeline for his desk in the foyer afterwards - he was signing his CD's - eager to meet this 'Dreamboat' of mine from way back, delighted to say he's still a: 'lovable 'Dreamboat'*...................
  18. 'Dreamboats and Petticoats' - Excellent Entertainment, I'm even thinking of going again! PS: Nottingham is the last venue.
  19. Spent a lovely afternoon at the 'Theatre Royal' yesterday; went to see: 'Dreamboats and Petticoats'. Pop song after pop song from the 50's/60's hit me; what an amazing experience, couldn't help singing - even dancing - in my seat. An extremely atmospheric scene was when 'Palisades Park' (Freddy Cannon) was performed; 'Palisades Park', one of my all time favourites - how lucky can you get? Lovely to see Mark Wynter, an original 'Dreamboat' from the 60's and now taking a lead role in the production. Met the handsome and charming Mr Wynter after the show; told him: "We loved you when
  20. I loved 'Country Dancing' when I was in the Junior Girls - trouble was we didn't get enough of it - at William Crane it seemed to be all about Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. I recall dancing my little heart out when our Dance Teacher promised that the ten best dancers within four forms could perform at a Dance Display to take place on one of Nottingham's huge playing fields. I was over the moon to have been chosen.
  21. Looking forward to this Thursday; on BBC2, 9pm is the spy drama: 'Legacy'. Described as: 'a gripping espionage thriller set during the height of the cold war in 1970's London'. PS: Hope it's as good as it sounds..............
  22. Saw Lonnie Donegan, together with his wife Jill Westlake in the pantomime 'Cinderella' late fifties at the Empire. Remember sitting right up at the top in the Gods - and on the back row! The theatre was packed. Lonnie was riding high at the time - Hit Parade - with his song: 'My Old Man's A Dustman'. The Audience cheered like mad when he sang the song, really brought the house down - well, that was what we were all waiting for.......................... PS: Brilliant, Colourful Memory...............
  23. Reading: Alan Sillitoe's* Autobiography 'Life Without Armour' at present - thorough, can feel Alan's Voice within........... Just finished Cilla Black's Autobiography: 'What's It All About?' - great insight into the 60's and her acknowledged dependence on her kind and wise Manager Brian Epstein. Lined up is: Antonia Fraser's 'The Weaker Vessel' - looking forward to this read; know I will enjoy as I did reading her: 'Mary Queen Of Scots' and 'Cromwell'. * My grandma was Alan's wet nurse - I have a great anecdote on this - grandma often corresponded with him.
  24. BilboroLad, Kennedy wanted to avoid war at any cost. Sure he had an ego, he was handsome and extremely charismatic. He never wanted to be President, it was a wish of his father's fulfilled. Kennedy did his best; it is only in the aftermath that his Statesmanship has become appreciated.
  25. ChrisB, certainly J Edgar Hoover* was in on it............. * a man of many secrets.........