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  1. President Kennedy's brain was blown to pieces. I believe it was a conspiracy: American Army and Mafia; Lee Harvey Oswald was used as a decoy. Why did Jack Ruby (Mafia) shoot Oswald a couple of days after the event? It was done to silence him. Jack Ruby already had cancer and he became a privileged prisoner. American Army Generals saw John F Kennedy as too liberal and this was not wanted during the time of the Cold War.
  2. Hi Trevor, well done on your achievement, hope you're going to celebrate: I'll have the first one, here's to you
  3. Nothing could beat the Co-op Big Store at the top of Parliament Street: for shopping whether it be groceries, clothes, material, furniture, carpeting - jewellery at one time for a meal or just a cup of tea in one of their restaurants (one on the top floor, one on the bottom) for records (a listen before you purchased in a record booth) a special occasion celebrated in one of their reception rooms: the 'Elizabethan Room' a Saturday night dancing and watching the latest pop group ('The Merseybeats', 'Herman's Hermits') in an even bigger 'Elizabethan Room' You even had the chance of marv
  4. I believe it's about being Strong in this world, no matter what gender; having Self-Respect but at the same time having Friends and making Friends..........forever..............
  5. Hi Alison, Coconut Oil / Butter, great as a moisturiser for the skin, also as a conditioner for the hair - lots of uses eh? and at such a reasonable price.
  6. Such a Happy Story; I always loved visiting my grandmas and great grandma - wonder if it was because there was always treats for me?
  7. Bilbraborn, you're never too old not to dance: you just have to know what you're capable of and stick within those limits; here's to 'The Twist' later in the day.................
  8. Well said Clifton; you echo my thoughts entirely in your post @ #14. PS: thought Terry Wogan had retired - but conveniently brought back for 'Children In Need'.
  9. Hi Carni, I'm sure you'll be interested in 'Bromley House Library': 'A flourishing independent lending library, operating continuously since 1816'. Address is: Bromley House, Angel Row, Nottingham, NG1 6HL. w: www.bromleyhouse.org
  10. Hi Stephen @ #9, put yourself on tape and have a listen; I bet you'll detect a drawl to your speech somewhere along, Midlands people are renowned for this.
  11. Carni, no offence meant at all - keep the condensation me duck...............
  12. Hi Carni, yo'll 'ave te mek your Nottinghamese a bit simpla, I 'ad abaht 6 goes beforra cud understand wot ya were sayin'. PS: this site is playin' up too much; we'll have to ask Mick for overtime - taking twice as long to mek a posting!
  13. It truly hurts me deep inside, if I happen to be travelling on a bus and a mother nearby feeds her young child with a sausage roll or crisps.
  14. 'Spotted Dick and Custard'; I can see it in my mind's eye now: 'Yummy, yummy, yummy, what a treat for my tummy....
  15. Everyday, I make it my practice to check through my pantry (though small it be, living by myself) for perishable foods; if there are any, then they get used on that day - this way, there's never any waste. PS: It would be a disgrace to me, if I had to throw away food stuffs!
  16. Intellectuality and Practicality whilst gardening; love the way Einstein uses his bell for a drink - Genius I call that!
  17. Alison: Like Minds................
  18. Crispy bits around the rice pudding bowl are real tasty - mouth's watering as I write. PS: Doing my best to make: 2,800 before tea time; made a semolina pudding with Barbados sugar and honey - looking forward to this..............
  19. Katyjay, I realised this later - I suppose it could mean either.
  20. After I've done my piano practice, I'm going to make: 1 Soup with left over veg. 2 Steamed apple with the last of the fruit from my trees. 3 A milk pudding, being as I've quite a bit of milk to use before it goes off; now then should it be: rice, ground rice, semolina or macaroni? Must admit, I do have a penchant for milk puddings - favourite being tapioca; must be left over from my childhood when my mum spoilt us by serving a pudding every day. PS: was lucky enough to find a small pack of ground nutmeg the other day in one of Bulwell's bargain shops - this spice has become so ex
  21. Hi there Bilbraborn (Poet Laureate of 'Nottstalgia') and just what are?: 'mother's nick-nacks' (stanza 3, line 4)
  22. Hi AfferGorrit, thanks for reminding me: 'sitting in the dark, just watching the fire make faces in the coals' - 'cos I did the same. PS: Love your avatar, is it Lord Snooty? PPS: AfferGorrit, this wouldn't happen to be a fine example of Nottinghamese would it, meaning: 'Have you got it?'
  23. Brilliant image #35 Mick; speaks loads - the pathos attached. Wonderful Troopers the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at yesterday's Remembrance Day Parade.
  24. Limey, thanks for reminding me: when my son was hard at work studying for A'Levels, after school he'd go with his friends for a trip into town and visit 'The Harvester' - chat over tea and cakes to relieve the stress. When he returned home, over dinner he'd tell me what he and his friends had nattered about; I loved this time I recall.........
  25. DAVIDW, so kind of you to post the above photograph of yourself, even though you describe yourself as: 'smug'. 'Tea Towels and Aprons' were a necessity for a woman back then; for her birthday, I'd often buy my mum an apron out of my earnt spending money.