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  1. I well remember this Terrible Tragedy; even now when I read or hear the word: 'Aberfan', a shudder runs down my spine - all those Beautiful Children lost.............................
  2. Hi Alison, good of you to get back and such a lovely compliment......... Here's one for you: Gordon Ramsay said that he could always judge a good cook by what they could do with the leftovers; consider myself a dab hand at this - suppose you are too?
  3. I enjoy rifling through my pantry, see what there is to cook that's healthy for me, also it's good for the imagination; let's see now what can I make with: cucumber salmon, pasta, green pesto, garlic, onions? PS: Definately steamed fruit for afters............. PPS: I've been upping up my garlic intake recently; good for Winter's coughs, colds, flu etc - who cares if it makes my breathe strong? Love the stuff..................
  4. Just lately I've had loads of windfall apples and pears. After peeled, what I do with the fruit is: cut up and place in steamer (apples and pears together), some tablespoons of honey placed in saucepan below, bring to boil, then steam gently until fruit is tender........ Result: Good, nutritious fruit, home grown and costing little..... PS: The combination of apples and pears makes for fruit tasting extra special.
  5. Aspley Pictures?: went loads of times, the same with the beautifully designed Aspley Library. Aspley Pictures: I was a regular cinema goer, Saturday afternoons; costing 6d, we were treated to Hopalong Cassidy and other cowboy films. We kids used to stand on our chairs and cheer when Hopalong appeared, magnificently dressed in white, riding a white horse and boo terrifically when the bad boys appeared, dressed in black and you've guessed it, riding black horses. My dad and grandad were great cinema goers and regular Saturday nights, my sister, uncle and I were taken along; saw many of th
  6. No such thing as ghosts or spirits; PS: and there's Definately Not any spirits in my drawings or paintings - as rumour has it..........
  7. Hi KJ792, I know the cul de sac where you lived on Nuthall Road; posh those houses back in the 50's - sorry to say, not so posh now - all to do with the volume of traffic that Nuthall Road takes these days. Thanks for reminding me of the Shippo's horses: fearsome, great white things they were with massive tails and clod hopper feet, used to wait patiently outside the 'John Barleycorn'. They seemed to be waiting for ages, why they just didn't head off by themselves I don't know! PS: Keep posting, I assure you I have 'a sense of humour' in bucketloads!
  8. Hi Katyjay, remember a girl name of: Jean Scrivens?(William Crane); she lived in the cottages a little further along from the 'John Barleycorn'. She once invited me to her home; I couldn't believe that a family could live in such a tiny place. Cottages were built into a tiny twitchell that reached into Nuthall Road; wonder if they belonged to Thomas North, re 'Napoleon Square', 'Holden Square' miner's accommodation all within the vicinity?
  9. Pooh Bear, I consider that I am Blessed with a Wonderful Sense of Humour; it was just that in this case I needed to stand up for myself. I always respect the Vital info. maps, humorous images that you contribute to 'Nottstalgia'.
  10. Cliff Ton, Beautiful Images and Beautiful Memories @ #36 - thanks for posting. PS: I wonder what ever happened to Parks' playground equipment? Would have moved house for the chance of purchasing one of the Magnificent and Beautiful Swing Boats - Radford Bridge Road memories.
  11. Excuse me Fellas (fell hers): KJ792 and Pooh Bear, could we please have less sexism on this thread? KJ92: in the future, if you expect any literary conversation with me could you please refer to me as Jackson (my maiden name, of which I am proud); I haven't an earthly as to why you should be calling me Your Name. Respect at all times for fellow contributors on 'Nottstalgia', be they male or female. Pooh Bear: I was raised on the Bell's Lane Estate, Cinderhill and attended William Crane School; I look back on the area only with affection. Also, what is this 'exotic dancing' that you me
  12. Fascinating photos Pooh Bear; what is most fascinating: Thomas North's 'Napoleon Square' at the top / centre of first photograph with the freight train from Babbington Colliery running through up to the Duke of Newcastle's land. As a child I'd stand at the entrance to 'Napoleon Square' completely in awe of the Victorian structure. PS: Fascinating to view 'Broxtowe Lane' land pre Council House blemish; I don't mean this, I grew up around here and it was a beautiful place..........
  13. Hi Alison, so that's what happened to 'Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo' eh!!
  14. Hi Webslave, as a girl, I thought the area of Old Basford a fascinating place, with its hills, terraced houses and cobbled streets. Katyjay on this site was/ is familiar with Old Basford and I am sure that when she comes Online, she will be able to help. PS: 'Billy Bateman's Fun Fair', could have been the 'Basford Wakes' that we knew.
  15. Hi KJ and welcome to 'Nottstalgia'. The big house that you mention is the Manor House and was demolished to make way for Llanberis Grove. Llanberis Grove was across the way and a little further up from the cul de sac where you lived. Of course the cul de sac is still there but long gone are Mr Claxton's Nurseries - fruit orchards; can you remember? Mr Claxton sold fruit and many times he would place signs on Nuthall Road of the produce he had for sale. PS: Where the arrow is on Pooh Bear's photograph would be Mr Claxton's land.
  16. Hi Pooh Bear, studying your photograph @ #60; I'm assuming a prospective 'LLanberis Grove' is the road running down at the back of the huge house in the foreground. Is it possible that the buildings at the top right hand corner are Thomas North's cottages: 'Napoleon Square'? PS: I recall a set of cottages further on from this photograph - at right - before 'The John Barleycorn', remember? PPS: Where the arrow is, must have been Mr Claxton's land. PPPS: Your family must have been quite well-to-do to have lived on LLanberis Grove - lovely place to live, just up the road from Aspley Li
  17. Made what I consider an acceptable drawing of Michael with dog in the sand hills - quite pleased................
  18. Hi Chris, regarding the outside canopy, you ask at #34: 'Does it look better now?' - Certainly does.....................
  19. Hi Beduth, good of you to write back. I recall well the Ellis and Guildford schools on Bar Lane - highly respected schools both. I was an Infant / Junior pupil at the William Crane School, Aspley; some of my friends moved up to Guildford. I do believe both Ellis and Guildford incorporated the colour green into their uniforms: green berets / caps, blazers, ties, overcoats............ very smart; almost like brother/ sister schools. I've taken a look at you in the cricket photo: 'tiny but Mighty', is that you? I may make a drawing of Michael with the dog - such a happy, photo; I ca
  20. Hi Chris, you and Briyeo are most commendable for the project you are undertaking............................ When I was a young girl the Victoria Station was something beautiful to behold. I remember the time when steam became diesel and feeling the loss deep within. I also remember the time when the Victoria Station was first threatened with demolition and feeling that sense of loss again. It is therefore remarkable that you and your acquaintance will one day make this once vast structure of Victorian Gothic architecture live again!
  21. Hi Chris, I think that what you and Briyeo are doing is Brilliant; I have fond memories of Nottingham's Victoria Station circa: 50's/60's. The brickwork would have been the right colour when the station was new. Chris, you ask what we think of the colour of the station buildings? May I suggest: Picture 2: Some washes of grey tone on the facade - more at the bottom. Picture 3: Grey tone on the left building and washes of grey tone at the bottom of the building at right, (perhaps a little grey tone at the top - sunlight on the bricks looks attractive). PS: Good Luck, it is wonderful w
  22. Beduth, I don't think I've welcomed you on to 'Nottstalgia'; anyway, many happy times posting.................
  23. Congratulations Beduth, a beautiful set of photographs; s'pecially like the ones of the boys in their Cricket Whites #46, boys in the sand dunes #47, and boy with a dog found in the sand dunes #49. PS: Aren't you clever? PPS: I remember those autograph books circa: 1956 - the girls in my class at junior school were crazy on 'em. PPPS: (s'pecially for Carni) I keep having to take a look at the last photo: Boy with the 'dog found', it's so beautiful in its simplicity...............and the boy's smile....................
  24. Basfordred, neither could I live on: 'brown rice and lentils' - too boring; I have given brown rice a go in the past - merely because it's supposed to be better for you - but I found it to have a bland taste. As for lentils, I use these merely for a thickening to soup - not substantial enough for me.
  25. I'm so envious of you lot remembering your Mum's / Grandma's Co-op numbers - worth its weight in gold...........