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  1. Looking for either of these adopted men. Born May 1952 in the Worksop area, adopted out as a toddler. Birth name and full family history known. Where are you our brother? We're hoping to find you. We are registered with the gov services.
  2. you could sign up to a 2 week trial free ancestry sub and blitz the 1911 census.....you can go back and forth thru the pages, download and/or print... make sure you cancel sub before due date. or maybe just a month's sub.
  3. Hi I saw your wonderfully detailed map above and would like to buy/ look at one similar showing Walker Street Sneinton. I am particularly interested in knowing the exact location of the yards and squares that were in Walker St about 1880 onwards. Any help most appreciated.
  4. Hi can you tell me what map this is from please? Am looking for 1880ish Walker Street Sneinton - fine details of the yards and squares that were tucked into the street.
  5. I have completed research on Smith of Sir Francis Burdett pub and the Smith of Cumberland Place. 2 distinct and unrelated families. Have several lovely photos to share of the Smith pub family taken early 1900's.
  6. re Sneinton bombings. Great Aunt Liz (nee Simpson born 1883) lived in Sneinton at this exact time. She had a son Alfie and daughter Elsie. Married surname unknown. She was out the next morning picking through checking for neighbours. Any recognition of the family please? (not much to go on- sorry) Other family member at the hospital dealing with the burn victims from the bombed bakery who were splattered with dough which was then baked into their skin by the heat. Uncle said they scrapped down the layers of dough day by day til they got to the skin. All the hurt men had tracheotomies and had
  7. Thanks Smithylass,I have those subs too, but I have a couple of mysteries about the Smiths of the Sir Francis Burdett. 1. The Smiths that occupied it from about 1904 to 1914 (my Smiths)- I have all their info back to the 1841 census but nothing after they (only the wife Annie, as the husband William died in 1908)sold the pub. I was rather hoping she was the lady who appeared in the Wrights Trade directory in 1914/15 at 14 Cumberland Pl- just around the corner from the pub. 2. The photo of Grandma Smith on this site...is she my Smith or the other Smith that bought the pub shortly after- about
  8. Re: #1 I found out that that show was put on in 1899, 1909 and again in 1925. Any guess which production this photo would be?
  9. Thank you Administrator. Much appreciated. If my typing research names in capitals offends this site's reader then I can only wish you would view other sites where it shows as accepted practice. As for being new ..yes ...but I don't recall telling anyone what to post- a senior moment perhaps??? However I remain committed to finding my ancestors and would kindly ask for help from the more generous participants in this forum. Have a good day, J xx
  10. comments like this won't help Ashley find her family. This post was for my family trying to trace the SMITH family from the SIR FRANCIS BURDETT.
  11. Hi, I've had success with the Mormon site...type in mormon or LDS on google. It's totally free. Ancestry does give 2 weeks free but you have to give them your credit card details....cancel the subscription before its due and your card's not debited. You can do a mighty lot of research in 2 weeks...my eyes fair bugged out of my headwith the late nights!! Ancestry gives the basic details for free, ie the indexes. Another free one is the www.freeBMD site and thats where I began.Good value. When you subscribe to a website for genealogy you get access to every data base included in that particula
  12. To add further info on post, I have a SMITH family who are licensees of the Sir Francis Burdett from shortly after 1904. In 1908 the husband WILLIAM SMITH dies leaving the widow ANNIE (nee Taylor)and married daughter HETTY SANDS along with Hetty's husband GEORGE SANDS to run the pub. The last trade directory entry is 1914 Wrights showing ANNIE at the pub. This SMITH family I can trace back through the census to both parties birth and into the 1841 for WILLIAM. The next edition of the trade directory is Wrights 1915/16 and shows a MRS ANNIE SMITH living at 14 Cumberland Place which is just a
  13. I am researching the SMITH family of the Sir Francis Burdett and would welcome anyone's help in establishing if MRS SMITH ever lived at 14 CUMBERLAND PL in 1914 to 1916. The other names connected are SANDS and TAYLOR.