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  1. Thanks dave mate see you Sunday pal and don't forget the vaseline this time...

  2. hey brian take a little advice from me and don't bate to these cretins and don’t under any circumstances make an apology, besides who do they think they are mate, for all you know they too could be fakes…..

  3. if my post gets taken down why is it then that firbecks can stay????? he insults me at every corner and i have no recourse, all seems a little lob sided if you ask me. 36.
  4. You all seemed very enthusiastic with digging soil that so much that I thought if one of you could nip over to mine I have tons of the stuff that needs turning. Isn’t enthusiasm great….pity it don’t last. This year I’m planning on growing the same as last year. Do you think I shall need any chemicals to help the weeds to grow and to keep down the green fly? 36.
  5. Are you planning to sleep there as you have already prepared two beds? 36.
  6. and im ther other daughter and by the sounds of it ur nothing but a fake.. stop gettin involved in my family! thanx

  7. Hello Margaret, it’s a refreshing change to have a woman on the site, I find women more tolerant than men and not so quick to make judgements on others especially if they have never met. So Margaret what exactly attracted you to this site? For me it was the friendly atmosphere created by the banter between members similar to what I’m having with two of them at the moment and the companionship one feels while sitting all alone behind a computer screen with ones ankle giving one jip, those moments are memorable to be treasured to the end of ones days I reckon. 36.
  8. Ok you have me here’s a picture of myself….. I’m a nosy bu99er like you limey…. I don’t read you asking anybody else for proof of Identity so why me and besides how do we know those pictures you have posted are of you? Us not ever meeting I have only your word for it, for all I know you could be a one eye bearded monster from the plant Zog who has a penchant for two wheels and an engine, I get my kicks from hanging around school gates at dinner time much more economical and friendlier to the planet… So I take it there were three at the meet then? Sounds a good turn out for a ailing
  9. Would that be Rolf Harris or Dame Edna? More like Dame Edna I say! Edan has a fixation and a narcissistic attitude towards people he fears. Isn’t it Rolfs Birthday this month? Would he be 80? 36.
  10. Do I detect a smidgen of sarcasm? Unfortunately no CCtv camera’s that side of bridge buddy. If I had fallen between platform and carriage them I would be laughing, it might be from the mortuary though! May I ask who actually went to the meet? Was it a mass gathering resembling the Sermon on the Mount? And was Garlic bread partaken and a dish of there superb mouth watering south Moroccan olives delicately drizzled over with Balsamic vinegar eaten? Or was it a pint of GK IPA with as many straws as was guests and a packet of beetroot crisps opened to share? Was it that type of meet up? B
  11. hi who r u? how do u know my mum n dad jenny n ray cause im not being funny but been readin your posts and you have got it all wrong

  12. There’s plenty. I learnt to swim in Canal. Is there any Canals left? 36.
  13. Maybe the letter of litigation they received did it for them. Remember the lamb vindaloo the waiter knocked off the heated tray, which I claimed to my solicitor at a later date burnt my little finger? Someone said where there’s blame there’s a claim; it certainly did it for them and me. Sometime in the next few weeks I’m hobbling over to long eaton where I have been told a new Indian restaurant has opened, heard its close by the Wheatsheaf pub which is across the road from the library, anybody been for a meal there? Has the pub as well as the restaurant closed then Craig? 36.
  14. I’ve heard they are now recruiting women pilots for the display team would explain why two of the red arrows went down, women can't parallel park let alone fly a jet plane in formation. 36.