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  1. Yes I lived in West Bridgford and used to walk over Trent Fields and get the penny ferry over to Colick Park!!!
  2. Colick Park was a lot further down than the Yacht club. It was opposite Trent Fields in West Bridgford. You would sail down the river, past the large bitterlings bone factory on the left and it was not far past there.
  3. I used to work in the punch room at Raleigh in 1960. Also my cousin Christine Fearn worked there. Pat
  4. Hi DenWe both worked together at the NCT. A lot earlier than you though. We were there from 61-63 in the offices.
  5. Does anyone know the where abouts of Carol Foster. She used to live at Clifton in the 60s and worked at the Nottingham City Transport.
  6. Was interesting to read this about the Pleasure Park and the Trent. One day in the 50s my friend and I walked over Trent Fields to get the ferry boat over to the pleasure park The ferryman wasnt there that day so we started to walk along the side of the Trent. I walked on the bottom step at one stage and it was very muddy. I slipped and couldnt grip onto anything!! My feet were dangling in the water and if someone hadnt come along I would have drowned. My little bag with my picnic in went floating out in the river! Was frightened to go home and face my mother.
  7. I thought it was really good. The Nottingham Council house is the last place I worked before coming to Jersey in 66. Things have changed a lot though. Pat
  8. Does anyone remember Colick Pleasure Park? You could get a ferry over from Trent Fields or go on one of the pleasure boats from Trent Bridge.
  9. Wasnt the Fish and chip restaurant near the fountain. sherwood Rooms?
  10. I remember Colmans inthe late 50s/60s and the Locarno and Palais, Going to the Crystal Palace for a drink,
  11. I used to go with a guy called Mick Merryweather. I dont know what happened to him,
  12. Yes I remember that person being thrown over the balcony!! I was there and it frightened the life out of me. Must have 59/60.
  13. Does anyone remember Colmans Dance Hall in Maypole Yard? It was run by Enid and Aubrey Colman. Fantasic weekends were spent there. We used to nip in next door to the Crystal Palace for a drink. Also the Palais de Dance and the Laccano were very good around the same time.50s and 60s The Palais in those days used to have dancing at lunch times.