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  1. Just got back from walking the dog - really windy but not raining yet. The paper boy - a rather chubby lad - was just ambling down the drive, where he got into a nice Mercedes and a lady (mummy?) drove him to the next house where he got out and delivered their paper. I watched in bemusement and this was repeated down the street. Paper rounds have obviously changed since I were a lass!
  2. I don't know if it's just around here but the Scouts do deliveries at Christmas for about 25p each item. Only local stuff, of course, but very reliable.
  3. Crikey! Is that EACH? I never think about the price of a stamp as the price isn't on it any more. I just get a book of stamps at the supermarket and it gets added into the total. Crikey!
  4. I fell over a couple of days ago and landed quite heavily. (I didn't 'have a fall'. I tripped over me shoe!) Anyway it's left me with a very painful back and I can't bend without excruciating pain (you see, I'm mardy). I asked the pharmacist's advice in the local chemist. I said, 'My back hurts when I bend, what do you recommend?' and she said, 'Don't bend.' (I kid you not!) My other half, who uses a wheelchair, has one of those picky-uppy things, like a litter picker, so when the post came I fetched it to pick up the mail from the floor. As I positioned it by the letter I dropped the fli
  5. There was a report in the Derby Telegraph about a couple who asked for 'corn on the cob' in a takeaway and were served a bread roll with sweetcorn filling!
  6. When I come on to the site - every day now that I'm back - I scroll down and read all the posts and respond where appropriate. That's not very often. Then I go on to the word games and probably have a bash before I log off.
  7. I'm so sorry. I understand that quite a few people were a bit cross and made nasty sexist remarks.
  8. I had a clutch go once. In fact, because of it I hit a Trent bus (by accident). I was in the right hand lane on a steep hill behind the bus waiting at traffic lights at the top of the hill. (With me so far?) I was always afraid of stalling so I was holding it on the clutch and revving hard waiting to do my famous hill start. Then the clutch cable snapped and I jerked forward - hit the bus and stalled. So there I was - in the right hand lane at Friday rush hour - stalled in gear with no clutch. I'm told that the tailback went a couple of miles back. I think I cried a lot.
  9. I plucked up courage to take my greyhound out for his walk. He kept nagging me until I put my coat on and then pranced in excitement as I got his lead. Then he couldn't understand that I was stepping tentatively on the slippery pavement instead of walking briskly along. Must admit I turned round and came home as soon as he'd 'been'. He's lying in front of the radiator now.
  10. Thank you clever people - another thing to try! x
  11. It is me, then. Very disappointed as it's a great pleasure. How sad is that? Thank you, clever people. x
  12. Thank you. Perhaps it's me being dim, then. <sigh>.
  13. This might seem a very trivial problem for this forum but -- One of our great daily pleasures is completing the Guardian crossword on my trusty laptop. Last week it became impossible. The page comes up but not the grid and clues - if you see what I mean. I've clicked all around the page and can get the printable version but not the interactive one that you really need to do it together. I've emailed the Guardian helpline but to no avail. Can any clever person on here help me?
  14. Creative Writing - aka making things up and writing them down.
  15. Really? I didn't realise that. (Dim as well as clumsy - quietly checks the price of a roll of sellotape.)
  16. Thanks Ian - (I'm just a clumsy clot!)
  17. Big stiff envelope arrived today - 'Do not bend' . I struggled to open it, grabbed the contents and gave a good pull - and tore my Master's Degree Certificate in half. Oh well - I've got to pretend to be blasé and not disappointed now. Sellotape, I suppose.
  18. We had the mini-blackboards at Bosworth Road infants as well. Some kids would make the chalk screech on purpose to make the others grit their teeth (and to annoy the teacher!)
  19. My greyhound does something similar. In the middle of a film he'll go to the French window and look at me in that pleading way. I'll get up and unlock the door and open it then he'll stand looking out for a bit, say, 'Nah, I'm not bothered.' and go back to his bed. Grrr!
  20. Oh no! I had a college scarf in the '60s and also frequently wore a frock! What does this mean?
  21. I watched the first instalment of 'Watership Down' and really loved it but husband who was watching with me was a bit tight lipped. I know the story really well as I've read it several times and he said I did a constant commentary - 'Ooh, don't go there! Bad idea! Ooh - that must be General Woundwort - he's a major baddie - Ah, this must be where the seagull comes in - they have to collect worms for him - he rescues them later - MIND that wire! - Ooh, he's in a snare ----- only does dig burrows you know - ' etc etc. I didn't realise I was doing it. Derek said, 'It IS a kids' boo
  22. I found The Long Song to be very enjoyable but harrowing. It gave me bad dreams. The 'Imagine' programme with the author of the book, Andrea Levy, was very interesting. I'm looking forward to 'Watership Down', too. I must have read the book half a dozen times. I find it amusing that, when people tried to make analogies with religious or political situations Adams insisted, 'No - it's about rabbits!'
  23. We've received a card from the Retired Greyhounds Trust depicting two greyhounds kissing under the mistletoe! Very Christmassy!
  24. My daughter still has a OSB in addition to the inside one. The kids find it useful when they're playing out.
  25. Ditto - Killing Eve... Thought it was very good but hate it when endings are just engineered to ensure a second series. The Little Drummer Girl.....Only managed one episode. Care (Sunday evening) ....I tried to enjoy it, I really did....I really like the actors who starred in it...... but I found it so depressing.