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  1. I went to primary Coligate school when it was still with Mundella,it moved to Wilford Crescent after I left. Went on to Trent Bridge Junior School, then on to Trent Bridge Senior School for girls. I left in 1954
  2. OOOh I love it, brings back so many fond memories
  3. All these pics seem to be after my time, I left TB in 1954, I was in Australia by 1964
  4. Isnt it a shame all our collective memories gone forever..I never wanted to leave school.
  5. I lived on Napoleon Terrace, Bell Street , I have a Brother Dennis and a Sister Linda, My Maiden name was Marriott. My Aunt and Uncle lived at the bottom of Bell SWtreet, on Orange Street, also name Marriott,Then I had 2 more Aunts and Uncles on Bathley Street. I use to spend a lot of time in the swimming baths...every Saturday with out fail. Pictures at the Globe or (cant remember the name of the other 1 ) I now live in Australia, been out here for the past 46 years, never been back.My Sister still lives in Nottingham, at Stanton-on-the-Wolds, Havent seen her since I left. I live pract
  6. Does anyone remember The Meadows, Bunbury Street, Orange Street,Bell Street..etc
  7. SCHOOL SONG The quite river bears its load, from busy mart to mart below the hills, then slowly to the far grey seas, it bears its tribute, it bears its tribute, of a thousand rills. The Saxons bridge it o,er with oak, beside the shallow immamorial ford, Then spanned anew with well hewn stone, it bore the throng of peasant, monk and Lord, Last arching steel replaced the stone, and learning reared her walls beside the Trent, where days of eager youth we passed,before us life with every chance unspent. As time rolls on we leave her walls, the call of commerce and of art,the call of land a