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  1. Brough Superior in Bulwell....I remember my Dad buying a 1952 Austin Somerset from there that lasted for years and years and years....It was like a tank to drive and I had my first ever driving lessons in it. It makes my Mitsubishi Shogun seem like a right lightweight now!!! I do think that Brough were fair and honest dealers though! Owdtite.
  2. I thought the look on the Tram drivers face was a picture, I think they did very well to make it look somewhat real life. I reckon Peter Barlow will be gone so Nick can nick Leanne and go on to marry her....I dont think Schmichael the dog will survive either and the Tram driver is a definate gonner!!!..lol. Owdtite..... !rotfl!
  3. We have a severe weather warning, up to 8inch with temperatures down to -8 deg, blizzards forecast for next week with heavy drifting. Brrrrr!!!! Owdtite.
  4. What picture ????? Owdtite..(just off to Specsavers).....
  5. Get the sweeping brush out again Mick, sweep 'em up and put them out with the rubbish!!! Owdtite... !inthebin!
  6. Yeh, cummon in the watters fine......Welcome one and all!!! Owdtite..... !!
  7. Looks a bit like Eastwood to me. Owdtite.
  8. The Shades, Lumley Rd, Skeggy.... aged 15...1962 My first holiday without Parents, went with 3 mates from school, no problem getting served. Owdtite.... !tanning!
  9. McSween's Haggis with brown sauce and chips. Owdtite.
  10. My favourite trick ?............Make out a big shopping list once a month, do a 48 mile round trip to Tesco in Wick to get said shopping. Get there and find out I have left the list at home!!!!!....Bu**er !!!! I got there once and found out I had left my wallet at home. Putting the sugar bowl in the fridge. Taking the dogs to vets and forgetting their leads. Losing my specs. Switching on oven but forgetting to turn the thermostat knob up from zero. Do you want me to go on??????? Now then, whats my username again????
  11. The whole of the Highlands were cut off all evening. Owdtite. And Hadrian took years building a wall to do that ................................
  12. I went to Springfield Junior and Infants school with their Son....Harold Bales,he was a big lad (must have been the ice cream) and his best mate at school was a wee Lad called Roger Betts....They looked like a 50's version of Little and Large. He had a sister but her name slips my mind at the moment. Owdtite.....
  13. If only it was as easy to get rid of our Politicians........I wish!!! Owdtite.
  14. Yes please, it will make a change from those noisy Tornado's that fly over my house and scare the dogs. Owdtite.
  15. Hiya Kat and welcome, Good old Bulwell Forest eh? I spent many a happy hour sledging on the golf course there. I left Bulwell in 1968 but have fond memories of growing up there. Welcome aboard.... Owdtite.