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  1. Nearly got 2 'Pavement' cyclist tonight as I turned left off the Ring Road into a side road. They were talking away, never looking and just rode straight off the pavement into the road. Gave 'em a bit of a shock when I took my time braking.......he had to stop quick and lean left into his female companions bike ...he.he. The look on his face was a picture...
  2. Nice to meet you Ashley. Glad you got the Nero working OK. All the best
  3. That's a fairly recent satallite view as I can see the A/C unit I moved at the back of the Bingo 2 years ago (just to the right of the word Sutton). It takes a trained eye of course :tongue:
  4. Little a*******s that walk out in front of you to cross the road and then walk as slow as possible without giving a s**t!! They seem to think that the road is just an extension of the pavement. Are they all on DRUGS? Whatever happened to the Green Cross Code
  5. I got your message Ashley but Beefy beat me to it!!
  6. same here Ashley. I've got about 4 Nero CD's that came with various new CD drives etc. Available to collect, post or deliver if you are fairly local
  7. Where you been Craig mate??????? The Nottingham Brewery has been one of my favourites for many moons. I often buy a 36 pint take away polypin from there costs £45. Ring up and place an order and they get it ready for when you want it....delich mmmm Have you tried the EPA? Here's a link to their web site
  8. What if it's a regulation plate in all other senses, i.e. correct font, spacing, size etc? It was a boy racer by the way, windows down, music load, no seat belts, mobile phone in use, passengers hanging out the windows being obnoxious...............etc.
  9. I saw a car tonight with the rear number plate fixed upside down. Obviously, this is to defeat the ANPR cameras, so, I thought - is this legal? Looking on the 'net', I found this: What does the law state? All registration plates – including private plates – must be displayed in accordance with the Road Vehicles Regulation Act 2001. Plates should be: 1. Displayed at the front and rear of a car 2. Easy to read 3. White at the front of the car and yellow at the rear, with black lettering 4. Able to reflect light 5. Sized correctly – including lettering and spacing which hasn’t been altered 6. Genuine – with the correct font Plate size Plate characters on cars registered after September 2001 must have the following dimensions: • Height – 79mm • Width – 50mm • Stroke – 14mm • Space between characters – 11mm • Space between groups of characters – 33mm • Top, bottom and side margins – 11mm • Space between vertical lines – 19mm Your number plate could be removed if it includes: • Stylised fonts like italics • Incorrect character size • Fixing bolts which change the digits appearance As it doesn't mention fitting the plates the right way up, I'm not sure if it is within the law to do so. Any ideas anyone?
  10. That's the one! I think Radford Red beat you to it......... On the opposite side of the road to the Co-op was a chip shop and you could get your 6 pen'eth served in a half a Batch of bread. they used to cut a batch in half, scoop out the soft bread inside and then fill the crust with your chips.....mmmmmm loverly. I think it cost a shilling if you had the bread and chips. I also remember the chip shop at the top of Sherbourne Road, next to the Cocked Hat, used to sell you a Sanderson's pie in your own bowl with lashings of gravy. My sister used to send me up there on a Saturday night when me mam and dad were at the Cocked Hat playing bingo in the back room. Dad always used to but a quarter of monkey nuts on a Saturday and then fill his suit pockets up just before they went out for the night so he could eat them with his pint of mild.
  11. lots of long walks in the countryside Rog, and cycling as well. Just love to be outside.
  12. As a teenager, I was a paper lad, before moving on to work at the local Co-op delivering groceries. I remember having to go for a medical at 13 before they would let anyone employ me. Started out at Purdy's top of Aspley Lane for the grand total of 2/6 a week. My round used to take me down Denewood Crescent and then along the road that connects to Wigman Road - starts with a 'C' I think but can't recall the name just now. Half way down there was a Co-op and the back entrance onto the new Harvey Hadden stadium. Thursday nights were a b*ll ache as it was the day that the Radio Times and the TV times came out! My paper sack was well heavy. I moved on to Swinbourne's on Denton Green later for the princely sum of 7/6 a week but that also included doing the collecting on a Sunday morning. The Sunday papers were so heavy I used to have 2 sacks and used to hang them each side of me handle bars on me bike. 21" frame with fixed speed gears - great. On a Saturday we used to get an extra 2/- for delivering the Football Post - you know - the Pink one. Some of the customers used to stand at the gate waiting for you and give you a bit of a verbal if you were late. Anyone else do the paper rounds? I remember saving up to buy my first reel to reel tape recorder and would try to tape the top 20 every Sunday afternoon - difficult at the best of times with a poxy microphone. Them were the days. My grocery deliveries weren't too clever either, as the bike with the great big basket on the front was way toooooo heavy for me. (Just like in the Hovis advert) One of the old dears used to make me bring the box of shopping in and then stand there while she checked every item off against the receipt - and only when it was all there would I get my 3p tip Smelly old girl if I remember right. One week it was shelf stacking on a Wednesday night and deliveries on Saturday and then swapped around with the other delivery lad the next week. Happy days. What do the kids do these days? Is the Football Post and Racing Post still printed?
  13. And there I was thinking you replied to the advert in his window.......
  14. ...BUMP... com'n then Tich... spill the beans
  15. To see your Hard Drive details go to 'Start' run up to 'My Computer' and then hover the mouse over it and right click, then select 'Properties' at the bottom. This will show the operating system, memory and processor details. How much memory is it showing? Download this little clean up program http://stevengould.o.../CleanUp452.exe and then run it. I've used it for years and never had a problem. The first time you use it it asks if you want to use the Demo version. Say no and click the 'Cleanup' button. You will be surprised just how much space it releases back on to you HD, especially if you have never cleaned up before.
  16. Pete That yellow 2 seat bi-plane is the one I've flown, couple of years back now.........I remember posting a photo on here and you lot took the p**s saying thing's like 'Frank looks like Biggles' etc :tongue: Not posting it again
  17. I'd be interested in having a look at the Pork Pie recipe. Any chance you could scan it in?
  18. Never heard of him Beefy mate, and here I am sitting in the sunshine in Costa Del Sol!!!! (29C and lovin' it). Not being sexist, but female DJ's (especially the ones on R1) should stick to women things and stay away from the microphone.....if you get my drift. Richard Allison deserves his own prime time slot...a much under rated presenter. I've heard that changes are under way to R2 to get a younger audience.... such as happened in the past at R1.
  19. I agree Pete. Some of the guest presenters should stick to what they know and stay away from DJ'ing. Had to turn over myself - Norton might be a lot of things but he isn't a DJ. Can't stand Ginger Top so it looks like I'll be moving the dial to another frequency. Just as I do on Saturdays when Ross is on. I'll miss Wogan, as I miss Johnnie Walker. Radio 3 or 4?...............such a dilema........
  20. The 'Old General' on Radford Road is now all boarded up and available for 'Let' to anyone who wants to be a Landlord. When I past the other day some bloke was 'reclaiming' all of the barrels and cellar gear.
  21. Here's what I get from ian's 'edit' post Mick Caught sight of this fellow swooping acrooss the Valley about a mile away<br /><br /><img src="" /><br /><br /><img src="" /><br /><br /><img src="" /><br /><br />Back in Plymouth , "Those bloody 'Palm trees' grow anywhere down here !!!"<br /><br /><img src="" /><br /><br /><img src="" />
  22. Quite correct Zab. I sent an e-mail to Spotify complaining that it asked me to input an 'Invitation' code after downloading the small file that enables the service, only to be told that for England based members, this wasn't required.