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  1. Go to the bottom of the forums page and click the 'Today's Active Content' link
  2. That's all well and good but....... because he escaped from prison and spent 35 years on the run, he hasn't done his sentence for the crime he committed. As was said on the radio....if he had done his time, he would be a free man by now. No sympathy here.
  3. Anyone drink in Wetherspoons? Being a member of CAMRA, I've been sent some 50p off vouchers against a 'Real Ale' drink in either Wetherspoons or Lloyds Bar. As it's not a place I frequent, the vouchers are yours if you want them. There's 10 available for the period 1 July 09 - 30 Sep 09 10 available for the period 1 Oct 09 - 4 Dec 09 10 available for the period 3 Jan 10 - 31 mar 10 Regular posting members only - just PM me your address. I'll split them between those that ask. Can't be fairer.
  4. I managed to dig out a few of the pictures of the American Cemetery at Madingley: A very moving and tranquil place
  5. Sorry Den... saw a double post and deleted it without thinking....ha ha (not be long now before Mick comes along and admonishes us for taking up some of his precious server space !laughing! )
  6. Sad gits...the lot of you !rotfl!
  7. Did I mention about 2 posts within 3 get your post count up??? !laughing!
  8.'n .....2 post within 3 minutes? That's just trying to get your post count up so that you progress to the next level..... :tongue:
  9. Com'n then Beefy.......what part of a Raleigh bike was made of Copper?
  10. Paramedics attending MJ this morning were concerned about the basics...... Airway Breathing Circulation Not to worry, it's as easy as ABC,123........
  11. Rumours abound that, as MJ is 99.9% Plastic (surgery), he won't be cremated, but, instead, he will be melted down and made into LEGO bricks,................. so that the kids can play with him for A CHANGE! !laughing! ......As Rog said.......sorry..... P.S. There's plenty more
  12. The album dates it at 1966 I hope you realise the ridicule I'm up for here, posting all of this embarrasing information for all to see!!
  13. From the little I know about this (I set up our office network and e-mail accounts) when moving hosts, the domain server names change, therefore, you need to put the new server details into your e-mail account and web page. Basically, when you click on 'get new mail' or the web site, your desktop computer looks for the server where the information is - in your case, that will be the old server. It will be 2 sets of numbers, such as, but I would expect that your new host would provide all of this information
  14. Hi Georgygirl I recall going to the church on a couple of occasions,but I recall more going to the farm building adjacent, as they seemed to have a social centre for us kids. My Grandparents used to live in the pensioners flats at the bottom of St martins road just before the farm on the left - something 'Walk'. I can recall one Saturday in particular entering the sing along competition, miming to Cilla Black - I can sing a rainbow. Luckily, my cousin Patricia won it. Can you imagine the embarrassment if a boy had won it - even though I was in the school choir at the time. Grandad always went to the Rose on a Sunday night for his 2 pints of Mild.
  15. Interesting. It seems that we may have stumbled across the development some months ago while out walking one Sunday morning. A particular bridge that we used to cross was demolished with large straight road works either side. makes sense now. I downloaded the latest pdf publication (bottom right hand side of the web page) and - there is a nice photo of a bloke driving one of the new Stagecoach buses that will be used on this route. Why has the bus got a steering wheel? It looks like the bus will just travel forwards and the upturned concrete sill will stop it from wandering - not to mention wearing out the sidewalls on the tyres.
  16. Firbeck Daughters Wedding coming up shortly and the suit fitting is in Cambridge on Saturday. I've been to the American Cemetery - a few years ago now, but wow, what an experience. Back in 1971 (Maggie May No.1 in the charts) I worked at Ciba Giegi at Duxford, way before the Museum was born, and lodged at both Great Chesterford (pub on the corner can't recall it's name presently) and in Saffron Walden (White Lion? White Horse?) Did a lot of sight seeing around there. Loved it. Did you know that the film 'Battle of Britain' (Red Baron etc.) was filmed over Duxford? as in them days, there was a distinct lack of telegraph poles etc. Just bought Battle of Britain on Blu Ray. Looking forward to seeing it. Tell me more about Swavesey
  17. 'Fraid not - have a VERY important wedding to attend to down in Cornwall that week and then camping in France the week after. Like Duxford a lot though, We are down in Fen Stanton this weekend and Cambridge on Saturday.
  18. After the show, the Hurricane came right over our house on it's way south. Be about 500 feet up, as we are about 1.5 miles from the end of the runway. magnificent!
  19. I was invited to nosey on over by Admin. Spent a little time hovering around the edges and then jumped in and signed up. Met some good friends on here - maybe I'll get to meet some more? Didn't realise it's been about a year since we lost Anne - time seems to go quicker as we age.......
  20. Saturday 20th - future son in law's stag do in Nottingham (1:30pm start !cheers! ) Sunday 21st - Lying on settee all day with MEGA hangover Monday 22nd - Back to the grind unfortunately........ Sorry Mick, I can't make it - Bacon Cobs or not.......
  21. It looks like you copy/pasted the http link Mariag Copy/paste the IMG link (the bottom one)
  22. Get upto date and download Thunderbird. Far superior to MS crap. I'm using Thunderbird 3 but it's in it's early stages. For those of you not sure about BETA's download TB2 here
  23. Doh! Of course, as you pointed out, I meant 3d. he he I was a junior prior to Decimalisation Day 21st February 1971. Another rip off day in the history of Britain. Euro Day coming up.
  24. The first thing I noticed about re-sized dudoo's was the Wagon Wheel. Man, they used to be huge, but ended up nearly the size of a ginger nut.......for the same price After swimming at Noel Street Baths, we used to walk down towards Wilko's [soap factory] and pop into the sweet shop just before Radford Road. 3p for a wagon wheel and penny for a Woodbine ...he he...
  25. Just like you mate, me and the lovely Mrs Frank had a "Beer by Tram night" Walked down to Moorbridge, caught the tram to Basford Crossings nipping up to the Old Pear Tree for a couple of wets, then back on the tram upto Wikinson Street and the Lion Inn on Shipstone Street. They had a group on warming up as we entered - thank f**k we didn't stop for the proper show - would have ended the night totally deaf. Back on the tram down into town and into Langtry's - excellent pint of Gold Bullion by the Nottm Brewery. Onwards up to the Poacher for a fix of HP. Stood at the bar looking up at the Menu board and - low and behold - on the Vegetarian side it states : Harvest Pale Pie Mushrooms, Courgettes and Leeks marinated in Harvest Pale then cooked in a short crust pastry. Served with mash and onion gravy............ Didn't try it (well, it was quite late) as it would interupt my onward progress to the FADE next door for a couple of EIDENGER wheat beers as a night cap. All in all, an excellant night out and to top it all, the homeward bus was only half full (or was that half empty?)