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  1. The Stand..... great book. Another one of SK's I couldn't put down was TOMMYKNOCKERS Has anyone managed to read Satanic Verses from cover to cover? I tried but gave up during the first chapter....what a load of twaddle that book is.
  2. Are we talking about sweets or sex toys? !laughing! Sorry.........
  3. I don't know how much you are paying Mick, but I use these for work... very good, and reliable
  4. You could install Windows on to the E drive or... you could talk to Mick at SPE he recovered some data from a lost disk for me last year.
  5. When it first opened it was called the Goose Fair, then changed it's name to the Sporting Chance (as did other various pubs around the country) As far as I can remember, that's the only 2 'official' names the pub had in it's short life. After the was only a matter of time....
  6. how many partitions does it have Mick?
  7. Scrolling through my pictures, I found this...... Wonder if he's still raising funds???
  8. can you put the list in A-Z order Mick?
  9. Ther's some nice black & white pictures on here
  10. She made a mess of local Nottingham dialect - ayergorerwiyer !laughing!
  11. Frank


    Out and about over the Bank Holiday weekend, me and Mrs Frank came across something we had not seen before on our walking travels. Out in mid Derbyshire Peak District, we saw quite a few examples of where people had hammered coins into fallen tree trunks or tree stumps? What is the significance of this? Any one seen it before? Money Tree comes to mind??
  12. Sure do.. Mick lived at No. 13, 3 doors away. He got glassed in the face at the pub on Maid Marion way. After that I vowed never to set foot in the place.
  13. I lived on Bradfield - opposite Withern Road,about 7 doors up from the Library, from '57 till I moved out from mams in '68. Went to Players infants, then juniors but finished off at William Crane Secondary School for Boys, bottom of Sherbourne Road till '67.
  14. I'll try to get it another way.
  15. Swine Flu Funny Swine Flu Cure (Click on the links)
  16. What abaht me SCRATCHIN'S?
  17. Heard tonight that Carl is shortly to appear, with other boxers, on The Weakest Link. Not sure if it's true, and it's apparently going to be screened in the summer (if we get one !laughing! )
  18. Ditch MS, Yahoo, etc and download won't regret it!
  19. I'm on NTL at home and here is the speed test results Not bad eh? to say we are on the 10mb tarrif But at the office, we use FASTHOSTS check out the rates. - the ADSL connection through BT phone line at work seems much faster than NTL
  20. I like the big parrot theory
  21. It looks like the bridge at Highfields - but I anin't gorra clue abaht owt else
  22. Well done Zab. I thought that it may go for a little longer, but obviously, some of you are always out and about. Read all about it here.
  23. I took the picture about 3 weeks ago on a bright Sunday morning. Mrs Frank has perked up no end but she's insisting that the Nurse takes the stitches out - well, I did offer! Bruises turning a nice shade of purple and yellow. Took her out for a run in the motor today, we had a little run around Leicestershire, stopping off for a pot of tea at the Belvoir Brewery (beer for me), visiting some nice little villages on the way out and back. Stopped off and watched the parachuting at Langar airfield. Man it's been some years since I did that! First descent 01 August 1982 - still got the certificate.
  24. Back in the good old days when Horizon first opened, even us contractors used to get an allowance - 400/week if I remember correctly. That's on top of all them we used to smoke out of the reject bin as well :tongue: