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  1. We used to go to the Capitol on Nuthall road - Flash Gordon.....Wwhoohaaaaa

    And sing along to I'm a Pink Toothbrush, I'm a Blue Toothbrush at the Gaumont. Trick shop after (Sign of 4) then into the Co-op on Parliament Street to drop the stink bombs down the staircase...he he

  2. Sorry, I had to reply in a hurry as I had to nip out for a meeting, Braintree is log jammed, they have 4 way traffic lights at their most important road junction, it's just taken me half an hour to drive back from the Sainsburies car park just up the road.

    Was your meeting in the Sainbury's car park Pete? rotfl.gif

    Sorry,...just feeling in a devilish mood...

  3. IMO, there are two options, "brainwash" the kids via education, take them to drug rehab units from 5 years old onwards, keep on at them, show them what happens to people who use drugs. OR, legalise drugs.

    There is a third option John, which, in my opinion, would cut crime instantly and rid us of the drug taking fraternity for ever.

    Open drug centres where the drug users can go and inject whatever amount of 'tipple' they wish for and for as long as they wish, all for free.

    This will instantly stop them having to steal, mug or burgle helpless law abiding citizens for their hard earned possessions, will alleviate the courts from having to spend so much time dealing with the low level criminal offenders, free up prison cell occupation and will increase business for the Undertakers in our community. It will also put the drug dealers out of business.

    Give it to 'um big's what they crave.

    The savings to the insurance industry, police time, court time, prison costs etc, far outweigh the cost in drugs.

    That's wot I say......

  4. I bought my first SLR from Dixons - a Chinon - which gave me heaps of decent pictures and a good learning curve into SLR's.

    I used to buy my films from the shop on Pelham Street, can't remember it's name, but upstairs, they used to keep the film in a tall glass fronted fridge. If I remember right, the shop was opposite the Bodega, later to become a denim jeans shop, then something else, but who knows,? I stopped going up there when the photo shop closed (unless Mrs frank dragged me down town!)

    I used to like the Ilford Iso 25 B&W and also the C61 slide film when I developed my own negs. Had a little dark room at the back of the garage and I think the B&W kit is still in the attic.

    I used to send my films off to a company in Liverpool, Max Spielman, great pictures at reasonable prices. The string of shops they opened later didn't seem to do well.

    Moved onto a Canon SLR but ended up preferring NIkon. Currently hanging my nose over going full frame DSLR - a D3.

    Keeping up with the times, I now prefer digital over film because you can shoot lots of frames, can see the results instantly without having to wait for the postman to bring that little envelopes with 36 prints (of which 30 could be crap) and you can manipulate the files in Photoshop or other software to your hearts content.

    At the end of the day though, a good photo is all down to being in the right place, at the right time, with the right light and a decent camera.

  5. Hmmm.... The name Piggot rings a bell somehow! Anything to do with motorcycle stores in the area?

    By the way, I sold my W650 (Triumph clone) and bought a 2000 Kawasaki Concours (ZG1000) - know to you lot as a GTR1000 - great sport-touring bike!

    Are you thinking of PIDCOCK motorcycle shops by any chance Eric?

  6. I don't feel any better and I certainly haven't lost any weight!!

    Well, I must say that I'm surprised at that mate.

    Seeing you on Friday, I thought that you had lost a little.

    Weight loss or not, you did look well. The little ones certainly were a joy as well.