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  1. Haslet its pressed meat dont know what kind tho with spices with it, its quite tasty iremember polony it used to be in some sort of orange plastic cover quite nice but not as good as potted meat !hungr!
  2. Who is Bill's mum ? it rained here too so she dont live here
  3. My Gran had a peg rug i can remember her making it
  4. What about Milkmen? dont see many of them now
  5. OOps meant to say barley suger lol
  6. What about anniseed balls, everlasting strip, that if i can remember was a long strip of toffee and barley surer twists
  7. I was in Florence Nightingale House Red Tie Then there was Helen Slessor Yellow Tie Marie Curie Blue Tie and i cannot remember the Green Tie
  8. Oh yes and dont pick your nose your face will cave in lol
  9. Dont sit there you'll get piles or ants in your pants
  10. I remember the Elwiss pub was'nt it named after the landlords wife or something ? we didnt live far from it and he did have a caged bear
  11. I remember all those teachers i was on B stream Miss Euston was my form teacher Miss Machin History Mrs Rex Drama, didnt she think she was somebody ? lol Miss Nevin Geography Mrs Hawver ( i think thats how you spell it ) maths how i hated that woman, can you remember the air raid shelters? i remember Mr Bonniface as well
  12. Barbara can you remember how the firemen used to watch us girls play netball in the bottom playground? because we had to do PE in our navy knickers and white blouses they all used to come out and have a good look and some of the girls were well made up topo as well lol !rotfl!
  13. HI KAT



  14. Ay up, went back about a month ago for a look to see how much it had changed, why in tarnation did they pull all those lovely old shops down just to put yet another Tesco there. My Gran used to live in one of the old cottages just off Carlton Hill called Kirks Buildings they are very old now, must be listed building by now, i am trying to find out when they were built but i havent had any success as yet. i live in New Basford now in a house that is 109yrs old
  15. Hi Barbara its Kat thanks for telling me about this place i remember the shops really well Taylors the sweet shop Vickerstaffs the cake shop there was a bike shop and a butchers as well, further up there was Thompsons the beer off and general store and across the road there was a newsagent called Hills i also seem to remember a very old lady who used to own a chip shop and she used to cook them in a big black cauldren those chips tasted so good
  16. Hi Everyone i am new to all this yust wanted to say Ay up me ducks hope everyone is ok this looks a nice friendly place i have seen one person i know already, so thats a good start catch you later lol