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  1. Got a laptop, tried to restore, didnt do any good , its the main pc thats gone stupid on me
  2. Found out what is wrong Windows have gone corrupt. am getting it fixed on monday, know someone who is a wizz with that sort of thing, doing it for free so that is really good
  3. cannot download anything because i cannot get on explorer on the pc the laptop is ok no probs there so something is blocking it on there
  4. Had a look on the net for you about fungi that grow on silver birches and it came up with this Piptopourous Betulinus grow on dead silver birches it helps break them down, and there is also another one called the Fly Agric- Aminata Muscaria didnt get a pitcure of it but i hope it helps
  5. Oh WOW thats great news look forward to seeing you , congrats to you both
  6. I cannot get on to internet explorer it gets so far then swiitches its self off everything is ok otherwise on the pc just internet explorer does anyone on here know why this is happening and how to put it right please
  7. I got a garden spade as one of my wedding presents all nicely wrapped up in silver paper with a big red bow lol
  8. Well i dont have a garden , but i have a good sized yard so i got two wilco's greenhouses and compost and tubs and have set Raddishes, carrots , lettuce and potatoes plus wild flowers and various plants also i have a hanging basket so i will be kept busy looking after them the raddishes are coming up already
  9. This one was kept in the Scullery she never call this room a kitchen it had a stone flaged floor and a big wooden table, and the dogs bed in the corner
  10. My gran used to have a Dolly Tub and a Doll y Peg as she used to call it and a mangle which to a youngster looked very dangerous, i was told not to touch it on pain of death,
  11. I think they loook rather good anything is an improvement from the way they were
  12. Good grief keep safe everyone
  13. Got a twitchell near us ,just cuts from one street to another
  14. Yep have a brill day Fynger !jumping!
  15. Go to the British Museum. see stonehenge,
  16. My Daughter grew up on them , she loved to read them
  17. Used to love that chocolate bar my favourite flavour was the pineapple
  18. Well i am retired now and i sometimes wonder how i managed to fit everything in when i was working now there arnt enough hours in the day to fit everything in I can go into town as many times as i want as i am now an offical fare dodger lol ( Bus Pass) I have always told my Daughter when i am gone i will still look after her in spirit i have often thought if we come back again to live another life can we chose who we will be and what country we would live in i dont think i would want to be a man no disrespect to the lovely guys on here but if i had a choice i would come back as a woman, ju
  19. i think its call regression i have a friend who has done this and he was a Viking and also a Buddist Monk
  20. How very true , i questioned this from a very early age about the afterlife where do you go when you die How many times do we have to come back to this earth till we get to go to a higher plane? and do we have a choice?
  21. Wear a seat belt then Compo anchor yourself to the table leg lol