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  1. When i used to ask what was for dinner my Mum used to say " a walk found the table and a bite out the door knob"
  2. Welcome Gibbo i used to live on Labray Road i think they used to call it Concrete Canyon old pit houses this was in the 1970s
  3. Its a real shame the Brewhouse is closing when i volunteer at the Castle i get visitors coming to me and saying how interesting it is and how much they enjoyed the visit
  4. I got chatting to a lovely lady in Tesco today she was 86yrs young , told me she went dancing 4 times a week does all her own shopping and housework i think we covered all the range of butter and spreads and which ones were best for you, yep we are a friendly lot
  5. i remember Burtons Arcade shop those Salteen Biscuits were yummy havent seen them anywhere else
  6. Have a good time and wish swimbo a Happy Birthday from us all
  7. Primark is a shop sells clothes at bargain prices, guilty as charged i use primark as a cut through
  8. Stupid adds on thr Telly when you just get interested in a programe off it goes and on comes an add
  9. I have been roped in to volunteer for the Trent to Trenches project that the Nottingham Castle is doing to mark the 100 years since the war in 2014 and basicaly what i need is if anyone has any memories handed down from relatives such as medals , letters, diaries so i can pass these on to my cordinator who will then contact you also names of Soldiers who served in the war and what regement they served in all these items will be displayed in the Castle in 2014, i know its a lon way away but given the amount of work we will have to do time will soon go
  10. Had a visit from our little spirit girl last nite, even tho the heating was on and the room was warm my legs and knees were icy cold the rest of me was warm even to the extent of me wanting to take my cardi off, it only lasted for about 10mins. I do a lot of dowsing if i need answers this should only be used for good and you should never ask for money, its ok to ask it if your finances will improve in the future it takes time to get the hang of dowsing and to work out the meaning of things. I know this may sound strange to some of you but have any of you met your spirit guide? 2 years ago i
  11. i volunteer at the Brewhouse as well have been there today doing research in the archives it is a bleddy disgrace i love going round there that councilor wants to get back to reality and come back to the real world
  12. These beautiful old buildings will no longer be open to the public from April due to yet more cuts by our council, at the moment they are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and if you go to the Castle on a weekend and you buy a ticket to enter you get in the Brewhouse for free as on a weekday if you live in the Nottingham area you get in for a £1. This councilor who will remain nameless has decided it is costing too much to keep open and he will save in the region of £40,000 a year off their budget no prizes for guessing where that money is going to go ................. These buildings have
  13. How do you know, sometimes they can appear as solid as a living person, i remember on a holiday to cambridge a few years ago i took a snap of an old street which was quite empty of people at the time this was taken on a panasonic camera the sort where you had to take the film in to be developed and when the snaps came back the figure of a woman all in black was standing at the edge of the pavement. I have also heard someone walk up my stairs and when i have gone up to look no one has been there this has happened when i have been in the house on my own. We have a music box on the shel
  14. The house i live in is 112yrs old and has 6 spirit people i wont call them ghosts 3 adults and 3 children one of the adult spirits lived here in 1933 and its her i feel the most she strokes the back of my head sometimes and she is a lovely soul her name is Nelly, the other adult is George who used to have a busniess here before the house was built i always smell smoke when he is around he usually brings his son to visit as well the spirit children, one of them is a little girl she likes to take things usually my Daughters jewellery then i have to ask her to bring it back and one ended up
  15. I used to go to an awareness group where we could develope our abilites i meditate quite a lot and do dowsing i am a beliver and have had many encounters with the paranormal living in a haunted house
  16. The castle was never actually lived in as such the old Duke used it to have all his parties and balls there to show off i suppose i know it dosent look like a Castle but there are parts of it that are very interesting such as the little room i do my volunteering in its called The South Bastian its where the POWs were interred during the war there is a storyboard in there showing a picture of some of them putting barbed wire around the Castle there is also lots of grafitti ( sp sorry ) on the walls from the soldiers that were stationed there and from the POWs as well such as marks on the wal
  17. What about Hop Scotch chalked on the pavement
  18. A leg and a wing 2 people would each take hold of an arm and a leg each and swing you up and down while chanting a leg and a wing to see the king a one a two and a great big three then they would let go of your legs at the highest point and wait for the drop and hopefully you landed on your feet
  19. I used to have a whip and top my Dad made me the whip it had a leather strap and it you hip the top hard enough it used to make a cracking sound, nearly got it taken off me at school tho cause i belted someone with it for calling me names lol And as for being the bone i am still recovering from that. can anyone remember playing "a leg and a wing"?
  20. When my otherhalf was a kid he lived in the country and he used to throw penny bangers in cow dung then run like mad
  21. There was a guy who lived near me when i lived in Hucknall he had a collection of zippo lighters and of course his nickname was zippo
  22. Packets of starch, removal collars on shirts
  23. One of mt lot was a farm labourer back in the 1800s he died after falling off a haystack .......... no health and safety rules in those days